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Fear creeped it's way into my body, completely paralyzing me.
They started moving forward and unknowingly, we all formed a circle around Jaden who had started to cry.
She was the youngest, smallest and an easy target.
We are all very protective of her.
We clutched hands as they grew closer.
"How cute. Protect the little one." One of them laughed evilly.
They were getting closer and my heart was racing a million miles a minute.
'I wish Brian was here!' I screamed in my head.
The girls were whimpering and my brain was racing.
'What the fuck are we gonna do?' I thought.
The guys were almost surrounding us and I did the first thing that came to mind.
I hit the closest one to me in the balls.
He dropped like a log with a loud groan.
That must have sprung the others into action because the girls attacked the masked guys too.
Even Jaden went after one which shocked the hell out of me.
The girls were kicking ass and I was about to help Jaden out when I felt someone grab my foot and pull me back.
I stumbled onto the ground and saw it was the guy I hit who had grabbed me.
I gave him a good punch in the jaw and he clutched onto me tighter, rolling over so he was now on top of me.
I ripped off his mask and my mouth opened in shock when I was met by the most beautiful blue eyes I'ver ever seen.
He looked down at me and I couldn't help but stare.
I wasn't expecting a burglar to look as cute as him.
I was expecting him to be smelly and missing teeth.
This guy was just attacking me a few seconds ago and I'm thinking about how cute he looks!
What is wrong with me?
"Okay, okay fuck! I'm sorry Monique!" I heard Zacky yell.
I was ripped out of my staring contest with Mr. Blue-Eyes and turned to see all the guys on the floor.
Monique put her foot down on the guy she was beating the shit out of and took off his mask.
It was Zacky!
"Zacky!" Monique yelled, her voice filled with anger.
One by one each girl pulled off a mask only to reveal their boyfriends face.
"What the fuck!" Alaina yelled, outraged.

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