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Cynthia's POV

It seems like the month has passed by so quickly. Me and Brian's relationship gets stronger everyday. Things have been going so great. I've been spending alot more time with Mike too. 

I was actually on my way to meet him right now. Brian wasn't too happy when I told him, but he trusts me and he knows I'm not going to do anything wrong. 

It didn't keep him from adding his two cents, but he was okay with me going. 

I know the guys wouldn't feel the same way.  

I'm sure Brian's gonna tell them the second they walk through the door.  

I honestly dont see what the big deal is. 

Mike is such a good friend to me.  

He is absolutely hilarious and we can have an hour long conversation about absolutely nothing.  

It's just so easy to be friends with him.  

He called me earlier and said he had something to tell me.  

I walked into Subway and saw him standing up at the counter ordering his sandwich.  

I walked up quietly behind him and covered his eyes. "Guess who?" I said in a deep voice.  

"I told you Earl, our relationship has to be a secret. We're not supposed to see each other in public." Mike said quietly. 

I started laughing and moved my hands.  

He looked at me and smiled. 

"Oh, I thought you were someone else. Forget everything I just said." Mike said with a smile.  

"You're such a dork. What are you getting?" I asked, looking at the tasty sandwich the guy was putting together.  

"Chicken and ranch foot long." Mike said with a grin. "You're gonna share with me right?" I asked with a sweet smile.  

"How do I say no to that smile?" He asked the guy behind the counter. 

I laughed and gave him a hug. 

"So what's going on? What do you need to tell me?" I asked, walking over to a table by the window with Mike right behind me.  

"Well, I kind of have some news." He said nonchalantly. 

"Is everything okay?" I asked, assuming something was wrong. 

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just wanted to tell you I'm sorry it took me so long, but I talked to my boss and he said he's willing to give you a try on Friday night and see how you do." Mike said with a huge smile.  

I grinned hugely.  

"Are you messing with me right now?" I asked. 

"Nope. I told him all about you and he says that we need another bartender and he's willing to see how it goes. Then he'll think about something more permanent if you do a good job." Mike said. 

"Oh my god! This is so cool. Thank you so much Mike!" I yelled, jumping out of my chair and into his lap.  

I hugged him tightly, trying to keep in my squeals contained.  

I realized what I was doing and I jumped back up and got in my own seat.  

"Whoa. Sorry about that. I got a little excited." I said, totally embarassed. 

"It's okay. Man, I should've told you sooner." Mike said jokingly.  

I laughed but it cut short.  

"Wait. You said Friday?" I asked.  

"Yeah. Why?" Mike said.  

"Mike! That's in two days! I'm not gonna be ready by then!" I yelled.  

"Cynthia, you're gonna be fine. You'll be a natural. It isn't that difficult." Mike said, soothing rubbing my hand.  

"Thanks. I really appreciate it. You've been doing so much for me and I don't know how I'm going to pay you back." I said quietly. 

"As long as you're happy, that's all I care about." Mike said.  

"You are so awesome." I said with a smile.  

"I know. It's nice to hear though. So keep the compliments coming." Mike said with a wave of his hand.  

I laughed and we spent the next hour making small talk and laughing.

Mike's POV

I sat at the table, waiting for Cynthia to come out of the bathroom so we could leave. 

I honestly didn't want to go. 

But Cynthia said she had to get back to Brian. 

What a pussy.  

He's so insecure.  

Never wanting her out of his sight, treating her like she'sa little kid and she can't take care of herself. Soon enough, she's gonna get tired of being treated that way. 

And when she needs someone to run to, I'll be here waiting with open arms.

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