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It's finally Friday and I'm so excited to be going out with Brian tonight.
It's been a while since we did anything together and I've been looking forward to it since he brought it up.
It's pretty funny how excited I am.
I haven't been this giddy since we first started going out.
I would always get really hyper and excited if I knew I was gonna be seeing Brian.
That guy does crazy things to me.
The nights going good so far.
We've been making small talk and laughing at each other the whole ride.
I've finally noticed something.
Brian is being extremely affectionate tonight.
I'm in no way complaining, it's just unusual.
He's made a habit of kissing me at any opportunity and he seems to be keeping hold of me as well.
He either grabs my hand or wraps his arms around my waist.
Anything to keep himself in constant contact with me.
It may be unusual but it's also very nice.
It makes me feel special and cared about whenever he touches me.
It's a good feeling to have.
When we finally sat down to watch the movie we spent most of the time laughing.
We laughed at the bad acting, poor scenary, even some of the people in the movie theater.
We also made out a lot which was definately nice.
I guess it's a good thing that Brian had insisted on sitting in the back of the theater.
When the movie ended I had to pee so bad that I jumped out of my seat and sprinted to the bathroom.
I could hear Brian laughing at me and I can guarantee that I probably got some weird looks as well.
When you have to pee as bad as I had to, you really don't care what people think.
I walked out of the restroom and in my rush to get back to Brian I aciddently slammed into this guy.
"Oh, I'm so sorry. I wasn't even paying attention." I said.
"Don't worry about it, I'm fine." He said with a smile that didn't look quite right.
It actually had me stumbling back a few steps.
The way he was looking at me was really creepy, like I was a piece of meat or something.
"You sure are beautiful. What's your name sweetheart?" He asked, stepping forward and filling in the space that I just put between us.
"I'm, uh---,uh---," I stuttered.
"Are you okay babe?" I heard Brian's voice and a rush of calm flowed through my body.
I felt him come up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist.
The guy didn't say anything, just stood there looking at Brian with his arms around me.
I turned around in his arms and buried my face into his neck.
"I'm better now." I whispered.
Brian held me tighter as he stared the guy down.
He didn't say another word.
He just turned around and walked away.
When I was sure he was gone I pulled my face out of Brian's chest and looked up at him.
"Thanks." I whispered.
"Anytime." He said with a smile as he bent down and kissed me.
When I was about to pull away he deepened the kiss.
I felt his hands make their way up and cradle my face.
I moaned into the kiss and I could feel Brian's grin spread across his face.
"Brian?" A voice called from behind us.
We both pulled apart and turned to face the voice that had called him.
Standing there were Valary and Michelle DiBenedetto.
My mouth opened in shock as I looked at Val.
"Cynthia!" She yelled.
"Val!" I screamed back.
We ran to each other and I clutched her to me tightly.
I haven't seen Val in almost three and a half years.
She sort of disappeared after her and Matt broke up.
It was really depressing for me, she was one of my best friends.
"Where have you been?!" I asked, pulling away so I could see her better.
"Working, mostly. I just had to keep myself busy. I had to get away after everything that happened." She said.
"Are you okay?" I asked gently.
"Yeah, I'm okay. I want Matt to be happy, even if it's not with me." She said.
That's Val for you.
Always putting her feelings aside and worrying about others.
"You need to be happy too." I pointed out.
"I am. I've got a boyfriend and he's a great guy. I want you to meet him sometime." She said with a smile.
"Hell yeah. I have to make sure he's good enough for you." I said with a smile.
She laughed and we both turned around and saw Michelle and Brian close together, talking softly.
Val marched up to them and stood in between them.
She threw her arms around Brian's neck and held him tightly.
"Brian I've missed you!" She said.
Brian laughed as he squeezed her back, picking her right off of the floor.
"How's my baby sister been?" He asked putting her back down on the ground.
"I've been great and you?" Val asked.
"I've been great too." Brian said with a smile as he turned and gave me a wink.
I smiled and made my way over to him.
He lifted his arm up and I ducked under it, resting my head on his shoulder.
He wrapped his arm securely around my waist, kissing my forehead lovingly.
I smiled again and turned my head up to give him a kiss.
"You guys are still as cute as ever." Val said with a smirk.
I laughed.
"It's all him." I said pointing at Brian.
"Well, what can I say?" Brian said, cockily popping his collar.
Val laughed and pushed him.
"You know Cynthia's gorgeous." She protested.
"I know she is. I wonder how I got so lucky sometimes." Brian murmured, giving me a squeeze.
"You need to give me your number so we can get together some time." I said.
I just got her back and I'm not going to lose her again.
She laughed as she saved her number into my phone.
Now I know like it may seem like I'm ignoring Michelle on purpose but that's really not the case.
Me and Michelle have never gotten along and everyone knows that.
It had nothing to do with the fact that her and Brian used to go out or the fact that they are still friends.
It's the fact that she's got the audacity to try and flirt with him right in front of me.
It not only makes me uncomfortable, but it makes everyone else uncomfortable too.
Val's always stuck up for about stuff like that.
She always puts Michelle in her place cause she knows I wont.
I don't see the point in confrontation.
I never have.
Unless my life is in danger, but let's face it...
How often does that happen?
I decided to be the bigger person and make the first move.
"Hi Michelle." I said softly.
"Hi." She said in a bored voice.
I just shook it off.
There's only so much I can do and I'm not gonna go and kiss her ass.
"Well, I think we should be going. You guys enjoy the rest of your night." Val said.
She came and gave me a tight hug.
"Call me. We have a lot to catch up on." She said.
I smiled hugely.
"I know. I can't wait." I said.
She grinned and I watched as Michelle pulled Brian into her and hugged him tightly.
A little too tightly for my comfort, but I don't feel like fighting tonight.
Val yanked Michelle back by her arm.
"That's enough. It was great seeing you big bro. We have to catch up too." Val said as she walked into the circle of Brian's arms.
I smiled when she rested her head on his chest.
"It's great seeing you too. Don't be a stranger, it's great having you around." Brian said, giving her a kiss on the head.
She pulled away and nodded.
"I'll be by soon. Tell the guys I said hi. The girls too." She added with a small smile.
I grinned as I pulled her into another hug.
Val really is one of a kind.
"I love you." I said.
"I love you too, honey." She murmured.
"Bye Cynthia." Michelle said with a smirk.
"Good bye Michelle." I said as kindly as I could.
"Bye Brian. Hope to see you soon." She almost purred as she smirked at him too.
I looked at Brian and he was shaking his head and hiding his face in his hand.
They walked out the door and me and Brian stood there in silence, watching them go.
After another minute, I felt Brian's arm go around my waist and pull me into him.
I went without a fight and put my head against his chest.
"I'm sorry about her.You know she does it to get a rise out of you." Brian said.
"Yeah, I know. The funny thing is, she never gets one and she continues to do it. Do you think if I punch that smirk off of her face, that it will make her stop." I said in a monotone voice.
Brian chuckled and squeezed me tighter to his chest.
"Come on, babe. Don't let her ruin the night. We were having a great time. Let's keep enjoying it." Brian said as he pulled me through the exit doors.
I nodded my head and let him pull me to the car.
It pisses me off how easily she can get to me.
One of these days I really am gonna stand up for myself and she isn't gonna know what hit her.

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