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I guess I got everyones attention because they all turned to me with questioning looks.
"What?" Kat asked.
"Don't you guys hear that?" I asked, straining my ears to try and hear it again.
Nothing, only silence.
"I think the movie is just getting to you babe." Kat said with a smirk.
"Yeah, if you're scared we could totally turn it off." Alaina said quickly.
I laughed.
"Yeah, cause you're not scared too." Aqua said with a burst of laughter.
"You guys are assholes. You know we don't like scary movies. Whose fuckin' idea was this anyway?" She griped.
We all started laughing as we pointed at Katara as she pointed at Jaden.
"Oh hell no! You can't blame Jaden! We all know she wouldn't pick a scary movie." I yelled in Jaden's defense.
She gave me a small smile and I winked.
There was a loud bang against the window and we all screamed.
"What the fuck was that?" Kat yelled.
"I'm scared you guys." Jaden squeaked.
"Don't worry, honey. We're all together, nothings gonna happen to us." I said reasurringly.
She nodded her head, believing my words when a deep chuckle echoed thoughout the livingroom.
Me and Aqua jumped off the seat cause the noise came from right behind us.
All of us girls huddled together with me and Aqua at the front.
Standing in the walk way was a big burly man, decked out in black.
"Who the hell are you?" Kat squeaked.
He didn't answer, just stood in the doorway, unmoving.
I was trying to think properly while my mind went crazy.
Nothing like this has ever happened to me and now that I'm in this situation I have no idea what to do.
We started taking small steps towards the other side of the room that led to the kitchen and our escape.
There was another deep chuckle and we spun around to see three other big guys in black blocking the other exit too.
I turned back around and saw that the first guy now had someone else by his side.
He was tiny compared to that other freaking gorilla.
"Such pretty girls." One of them murmured lowly.

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