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I sat at the table, waiting. 

I had called Mike and told him to meet be at the diner a few blocks from my house.  

He was more then ecstatic and instantly agreed.  

I sat there, thinking of how I could've led him on to think I would leave Brian for him.  

It's honestly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. 

I looked up when the door dinged and saw Mike looking around. 

I just sat there waiting fir him to notice and when he did he grinned and walked quickly over to me. 

"I knew you'd call." He said with a smile as he leaned towards me. 

I put my hand out to stop him from getting any closer.  

"I don't know what warped little idea you have going on in that head f yours. But I promise you its wrong. I called you here so things are perfectly clear." I said firmly.  

Mike sat down and angled his chair towards me. 

"Well clear it up then." He said with a grin.  

I pinched the bridge of my nose to calm myself down. "Everything you said and did a week ago, was absolutely uncalled for and disrespectful. You not only disrespected Brian, but you disrespected me by touching me without my permission." I said.  

"I'm sorry I touched you without your permission. I thought you'd like it. And as for Brian, he doesn't have my respect and he never will. He doesn't deserve it. And why do I need your permission to touch you. Does Brian ask you everytime he does." Mike asked with a cocked eyebrow.  

I took in a deep breath.  

"Brian doesn't have to ask. Being with me gives him that privilage. You are my friend, Mike. Not my boyfriend. I have no idea how you got so off track but if you want to save our friendship then you need to straighten up. Because when it comes down to it, if I have to choose between you and Brian, it will be him. No matter what. It will always be him." I said, standing up.  

I saw the look of hurt on his face and I wanted nothing more then to take it back and hug him. 

But I had to do this.  

I couldn't lose Brian. 

I could stand losing Mike as a friend even if it really sucks.  

But I can't lose Brian.  

I wont be able to survive that.  

"I dont want you to go Cynthia." Mike pleaded, standing up. 

"Mike, I have to. You need to understand there is no future for us. We're not going to be together the way you want us to be. If you're holding your breath and waiting for that, then you're going to die of disappointment. I love Brian, with all of my heart. He knows absolutely everything about me. He knows how to take care of me and makes me laugh. He knows just how to hold me when I'm having a bad day or I'm scared. He's just Brian. And I love him. Unconditionally. And I always will. And as long as he'll have me, I'm sticking by him because he makes me happy and makes me feel like I'm the most important thing on the planet. That's a feeling I can't get from anyone but him. If you think you're going to rip us apart, you're wrong. You're only killing our friendship. I hope you really think about this Mike." I told him softly.  

His eyes were pleading with me not to go but I turned my back at walked out the door.

Mike's POV

I sat at the table, just staring at it.  

She really left.  

The pain in my chest felt like a burning coal.  

I could feel each sizzle as my heart pounded.  

Cynthia just doesn't see how much I need her. 

She doesn't see that we belong together.  

That asshole has her so brain washed she thinks she can't live without him. 

And she can. 

She's so much stronger then any other person I've ever met.  

I've treated her like a princess which is nothing short of what she deserves.  

And what do I get?  

She fucking leaves me. 

But I'm not giving up.  

Not by a long shot.

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