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The rest of lunch past by uneventfully, thank goodness.

Me and the girls, minus Michelle, all talked and we made plans to go on a mini get away.

We had all migrated to one side of the table while the boys all talked at the opposite end.

We were thinking of Palm Springs.

We've all heard good things about it.

"So ladies? We all decided on Palm Springs?" Katara asked.

"I'm down." I said with a smile.

The thought of going on a retreat with my girls was awesome.

I've never done that before and I'm excited.

"Me too. This is gonna fucking rock!" Alaina said.

We all laughed and one by one everyone agreed until Jaden was the last one.

We all turned to her and looked at her with hopeful eyes.

"Come on, J." Nique whined.

"I don't know you guys." She whispered.

"What aren't you sure about?" I asked.

She shrugged and looked down.

"Jaden you're gonna be with all of us. You're not alone." Katara said.

We all looked at her and her eyes were glued to something across the table.

I looked and saw that her and Johnny were staring at each other.

He smiled and I looked back at Jaden and a smile made it's way across her face too.

So that's why she doesn't want to go.

"Jaden." I said softly.

"Honey, it's only a couple of days. I promise he won't die if you're not here." I told her.

"No, but I might." Jaden said, looking down again.

I felt so bad, because it would probably feel like that forJaden.

Jaden's past is as dark as they get.

Jaden was abused ineveryway you could think of in her last relationship.

She was belittled and made to feel worthless until she finally saw her self that way.

Being the sweet and innocent girl that she is, she never once said anything.

When Johnny came into her life everything changed.

She was the happiest she'd ever been.

For some reason she thinks if she leaves his side for just a moment he'll move on to someone else.

The idea is ridiculous.

We all know Johnny loves Jaden more than anything.

The only one that doesn't believe that is Jaden herself.

"Sweetheart, Johnny wants you to have fun too. I promise we will not let anything happen to you." Alaina said.

"Yeah! We'll beat the shit out of anyone who even looks at you wrong." Nique said.

"Yeah, babe. We'll cut their eyes out and fry them like shishgabobs." Katara said with a crazy smile that came across Jimmy's face sometimes.

"Johnny will be counting down the minutes until he gets to hold you again. Torture him, it's good for him." I said with a wink.

She smiled and laughed a little.

"Please Jadey."

"Pweeety pweeease."

We all started begging loudly.

She giggled and started blushing.

I guess we got everyones attention because Johnny came over to Jaden.

"What are you hooligans trying to get Jaden to do?" Johnny asked skeptically resting his chin on her shoulder.

"We're all going on a retreat in a few weeks and we're trying to convince Jaden to leave your side for three days and come with us." Alaina said.

Johnny smiled hugely.

"Babe! You should totally go! You'll have so much fun." He said ecstatically.

Jaden looked at him for a second.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Babe, you don't have to ask my permission. If you want to go, go." Johnny said softly.

She still looked at him skeptically, like he was trying to trick her or something.

"Ok. If you're ok with it, I'll go." Jaden said.

We all cheered and Johnny gave her a sweet kiss.

"Woo hoo! We're gonna have so much fun." Val squeaked.

We all laughed at her.

"Alright ladies. We leave in two weeks. Get ready to have fun." Katara said.

We all cheered again which got even more looks from everyone around the restaurant.

We didn't care.

We were having too much fun to notice.

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