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Its been a week. 

A week since the fight at the bar. 

A week since I've been to work. 

A week since I've seen the guys. 

They were being stubborn. 

Probably trying to see how far they could push themselves before they caved and came to see me. 

I know the girls wont stand for it much longer. They're trying to be supportive. 

But they love me too. 

I walked through the kitchen, humming to myself as I waited for Brian to come back from the store. 

I was shuffling through the mail when I came to a big pink envelope. 

It was addressed to me but had no other information on it. 

I looked at it for a second and remembered that this was the letter I had gotten a few weeks ago. 

I had never gotten around to opening it. 

I looked at it again and grabbed it, going to sit at the table. 

I ripped the letter open and looked at the small and neat handwriting on the page. 

I didn't recognize, so I sat back and started reading it.

"Dear Cynthia. I know you probably have no idea who this is. I guess that's a good thing. You probably would have ripped it up by now because I know you hate me. I wont deny it and I don't expect anything less. I hate myself for what I've done to you. I never before, stopped to think about how my actions would affect you. If it would cause you pain, make you cry. It never fazed me. I always thought my ill feeling toward you was hate. Pure and simple hate. Now that I think back on it. I know what it is. I was jealous. Jealous that you had perfect friends that love and care about you. That you had a boyfriend that all girls wanted but he chose you. I was just jealous. So I tried to get back at you. I'd flirt with Brian. Sleep with him behind your back. Anything to make myself feel better. But now look at me. I'm alone. My sister wont talk to me, my parents and brother are ashamed of me. I have nothing. I did it all for nothing. Cynthia, if you're still reading, I want you to know that I am so sorry. From the deepest parts of my heart I send my apologies. I know it doesn't mean much at all, cause I've given you no reason to trust me. But I want you to understand, that if I could, I would take back every wrong thing I've ever done to you. I am so sorry. I know it wont happen anytime soon. But I hope you can find it in your heart to someday forgive me. I'm so sorry for everything, and I wish you and Brian all the happiness in the world, you deserve it. 



I stared down at the letter, my hands shaking slightly. I had no idea what to think of this. 

It was so unexpected. 

I never took Michelle as the sentimental type. 

It seems like she's really been suffering. 

In a way, I feel bad for her. 

Her sister wont talk to her, her parents probably don't look at her the same. 

She doesn't have any friends that I know of. 

She really is all alone. 

My heart goes out to the pain she's feeling 

right now. 

The pain she's been feeling. 

This letter is weeks old. 

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