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"If we had known you were gonna beat the shit out of us, we wouldn't have scared you guys." Matt said in their defense as he tried to grab Alaina's hand.
She quickly pulled out of his grasp, still completely pissed off.
"Like you guys didn't know we were all fighters." Aqua grunted, giving Zacky the evil eye.
"Babe, I think you bruised my ribs." Zacky whined, rubbing his side.
"Good. You're lucky you are still breathing." She hissed.
Her voice was curt and without sympathy.
Monique is not someone you want to piss off.
"My knee hurts like fuck!" Johnny yelled.
I smiled and went to hug Jaden.
"You did great babe! I knew there was some fight in you!" I said with a huge smile.
"Brian would've kicked your ass if he was here." Alaina said looking at Mike.
"Who's Brian?" He asked curiously.
"My boyfriend." I said with a smile.
A look passed over his face I didn't understand.
Disappointment, maybe?
"He really would have. You're lucky." Johnny said.
"I'm not a chicken shit. I could take him." Mike said aggresively.
"I may be mad at him right now but I got to admit Brian gets fuckin' insane sometimes. He's territorial, dude." Matt said with a slight smile.
"Knock it off! You guys are still in deep shit." Katara yelled.
They all got quiet immediately.
Matt put on his puppy eyes and I smiled.
He slowly walked up to Alaina who stood with her arms crossed tightly over her chest.
"Don't even try it, Matt!" She said firmly, but I could tell by her face she was gonna give in.
She just couldn't resist those dimples.
"Baby." Matt whined, pulling on her hands.
"Stop." Alaina said, trying to keep the smile off her face.
He got closer and closer until their lips finally met.
There was a chorus of 'Awws' and one gagging sound from Zacky who instantly shut up when Monique smacked him.
I laughed as one by one the guys won their girls over and kissed them gently.
I smiled at the wonderful sight before me.
No matter what they would always be together.
This is my family, and I wouldn't change them for anything in this world.

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