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Everyone had already left after breakfast and me and Brian were snuggled up on the couch.

I was laying down on my back and Brian was laying on his stomach, in between my legs.

His head was laid on my stomach, looking up at me.

"I missed you." Brian murmured.

"I missed you too. I'm sorry I've been so distant." I said softly.

"I understand why you did it. I don't blame you for trying to protect yourself from me." Brian said, looking me in the eye.

"I didn't need to take it as far as I did." I insisted.

"Babe, stop trying to take the blame for something that was my fault." Brian said, growing flustered.

"I'm not trying to take the blame. I'm just trying to say that I didn't need to take it as far as I did. Especially last night." I said.

Brian smirked at me and leaned down to kiss my stomach.

"Last night was great. Just like I told you this morning." He said.

"I didn't need to leave you afterwards like I did. That was uncalled for and cruel. I just wanted to make you feel how I did everytime you came to me to get what you wanted. It was a horrible thing to do and I'm sorry." I said guiltily.

"You didn't do anything wrong, baby. I'm so sorry I did what I did. I will never, ever hurt you like that again." Brian said firmly.

"Good. Cause if you do it again, I'll beat your ass senseless and then I'll chop your balls off and you'll never see me again." I said seriously.

"Don't worry. It won't happen again. You're all the woman I'll ever need." Brian said with a genuine smile.

I grinned.

"Damn straight." I said.

He smiled again and leaned forward.

His lips met mine and I melted against him, wrapping my arms and legs around him.

He moaned against my lips and pulled away.

"Hey." I pouted.

He smiled and gave me one more kiss.

"About last night..." Brian started.

"I was out of my mind last night. I was so needy and controlling." I grumbled.

"I actually like it. You never act needy so it was a nice change. And the controlling part, well, that's every guys fantasy. To have a girl take complete control." Brian grinned.

I smirked and pulled his head back to mine, kissing him roughly.

"You mean like this." I said, rolling us over so I was on top and straddling him.

I pushed my mouth roughly over his, shoving my tongue through his lips.

He moaned loudly as I ground my hips against his.

"Just like that." Brian moaned.

It was a few hours later that we collapsed, gasping with goofy grins on our faces.

"Wow." Brian breathed.

"Ditto." I said, giving his a kiss and pulling his head to lay down on my bare stomach.

"You know if we tell the guys that we had sex on the couch they'll never sit here again." Brian pointed out with a grin.

"That's ok. I like this couch even more because we had sex on it." I giggled.

It got quiet for a minute and I looked down at Brian.

He seemed to be thinking about something.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I need you to do something for me babe." Brian said quietly after a moment.

"Anything." I said immediately.

"I need you to tell me, how you felt when you saw me, with her." He said slowly.

I stiffened.

"Why do you want to know that?" I asked, my voice getting thick with emotion.

"Because I need to know. I can't keep thinking about it cause then we'll never get past it. I just need to know." Brian said, looking me in the eye.

I stared at him for a minute, weighing the consequences.

I guess if it was what he wanted.

"It was all moving in slow motion at first. I couldn't understand what was going on. I just saw you, and her, and it was like, I saw you and I knew what you were doing but I still didn't want to believe it. My brain just didn't want to register it. I felt like someone put explosives in my chest and then set them off. My heart felt like it had exploded into a million little pieces that I couldn't even begin to pick up. Then I saw you. And all I felt was anger and resentment. Betrayal. I just wanted to get away." I said silently.

Brian had had his head laid on my stomach the whole time I was talking.

It took me a minute to realize that it was no longer sweat rolling down my body, but Brian's tears.

"Brian!" I gasped, pulling his head up so I could see him.

His face was tear streaked and his face stiff, his eyes filled with hurt.

"I'm sorry, Brian. I shouldn't have said anything." I said softly, wiping his tears.

"I'm so sorry, baby. I never meant to hurt you as much as I have. I'm so, so sorry." Brian cried, laying his head back down and holding me tightly.

I let him cry, holding him the entire time.

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