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The past month has been amazing.
Brian hasn't been going out every night and getting plastered.
I haven't smelled any other women's perfume on him except for my own.
We've been "practicing" alot lately.
He was absolutely right, practice does make perfect.
I've even been spending time with my best friends.
Val reconciled with the guys and after all of the catching up, the girls joined as well.
I have to admit I was a little worried about how Alaina and Val were going to react to each other but it turned out great.
Val just asked Alaina to take care of Matt, that he was a great guy and that he deserved the best.
The rest of the girls welcomed her back with open arms and after 20 minutes of hugging and kissing we eventually got down to doing something fun and worth while.
Us girls have gone on shopping trips, to spas, the gym and to the movies.
The guys even joined us on our movie nights which added even more fun.
It's perfect.
Well, almost.
It would be perfect if Brian was here too.
The guys still aren't talking to him.
The last incident at my house was still fresh in their minds and they weren't as willing to forgive him as I was.
I guess it will work itself out in due time.
At the moment I'm sitting on the love seat in Alaina and Matt's house.
It was our girls night and we went all out with junk food and horror movies.
We were watching The Exorcist, and to be honest, I'm really freaked out.
Words couldn't express my relief when Nique came and sat next to me.
I slung my arm around her and she smiled as she hugged me back.
I heard her giggle and I turned to see her pointing at Jaden and Alaina.
They were clutching on to each other and letting out scared squeaks.
I laughed too, glad that I wasn't squealing too.
Katara seemed to be the only not fazed at all by the movie.
She was just watching the movie, almost like she was bored.
I guess when you live with Jimmy everyday, stupid stuff like scary movies don't even faze you after a while.
I almost laughed at the thought but my attention was drawn else where when I heard a low tapping sound.
I strained my ears to try and hear but the noise seemed to be gone.
I shook it off and turned my full attention back to the t.v.
It was a couple of minutes before I heard it again.
"What the hell is that?"

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