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Monique had called me earlier today and said that she wanted us all to go out for breakfast together.
I instantly agreed and she insisted that I bring Brian with me.
I was a little shocked at first but I was very happy at the suggestion.
I know she doesn't approve of the way Brian treated me but she also knows it upsets me when I go with them and they have their boyfriends and I'm tagging along as the third wheel.
Her and Brian are good friends but she's trying to support and stick with Zacky and the bands decision.
I understand though.
"Brian!" I yelled up the stairs.
"What?" He yelled back.
"Nique wants us all to go out for breakfast so get ready." I said.
I waited for his answer and when I didn't get one I made my way upstairs.
"Brian?" I called, looking around our room.
He didn't answer so I looked around and saw him laying on the ground in the closet.
I smiled and shook my head as I kneeled next to him.
"Baby, what are you doing? We have to get ready to go." I said softly.
"I'm not going." He grumbled.
"Why not?" I asked.
"You know they don't want me there." Brian said trying to sound nonchalant and failing badly.
"They specifically told me to bring you with me." I told him.
"No they didn't. You're just trying to get me to come with you." Brian said looking at me.
"I wouldn't lie to you. Nique told me to drag you out of the house by your hair if I had to. She also said if I needed back up to give her a call and she'd drag your ass out herself." I said with a laugh.
Brian started laughing and I nudged him.
"Come on. We can't move past all of this if you guys won't stand in the same room together." I pointed out.
Brian huffed loudly.
"Fine! I'll go! But if they start acting like assholes I'm leaving." Brian said firmly.
"Deal. I'll leave with you." I promised.
"Fine, let's get dressed." He said, standing up.
He put his hand out to me and pulled me up too.
He pulled me into a kiss and smiled.
"Love you, babe." He murmured.
I smiled hugely.
"I love you, too." I said.
Me and Brian walked into IHOP, hand in hand.
We stood in front of the restaurant for a couple of minutes until we heard loud voices and laughing.
I shook my head and pulled Brian with me as I walked to the table.
The second the guys saw Brian they got quiet.
He tried to pull away but I laced his fingers with mine and clutched his hand tighter.
"Hey guys and gals. How are you all this morning?" I asked with a smile.
There was silence for a minute.
"I'm great. Hey babe." Nique said, giving me a kiss and a hug.
"What's up Bri? Haven't seen you in a while. Glad that you came." She said, giving Brian a hug and kiss too.
I smiled widely at her and she winked as she sat back down.
As soon as Nique made the first move, all the girls sprung up.
They all gave Brian hugs and kisses.
Even Jaden, which made me and Brian smile.
Johnny was the first of the guys to make a move.
"Hey Syn." He said, putting his hand out to Brian.
Brian looked at him for a second and then his prize winning smile covered his face.
He grabbed Johnny's hand and they did their manly hug thing.
It was so cute.
I wish I could've taken a picture.
Johnny and Brian pulled away, their faces shining brightly, then came Jimmy's crazy ass.
"Syn!!" He yelled, completely ignoring the fact that we were in a restaurant.
He obviously didn't care that everyone in this place was now turning and looking at us.
More specifically, they were watching Jimmy pick up Brian around the waist and start jumping up and down with him.
The guys started laughing and Jimmy finally realized the attention he was attracting.
"What are you all looking at? Have you never seen a couples reunion before? I haven't seen my baby in months!" He screamed, setting Brian back on his feet.
"Oh, reeeeally?" Katara said, her arms crossed over her chest and her eyebrow cocked.
"Baby, I told you when we got together that you were going to have to deal with me and Brian's love affair. I thought you were cool with that." Jimmy said, putting his arm around Brian's waist.
"I guess I missed the announcement." Kat said with a smirk.
"Yeah, I didn't hear that either." I said with a smile.
"I guess I get Cynthia, since my boyfriend can so easily replace me." Kat said.
"As long as you don't hog the covers like someone, then we'll be great together." I said with a smirk of my own.
"NO!!" Brian and Jimmy yelled at the same time.
Brian ran to my side and clutched me to his chest while Jimmy practically jumped over the table to get to Katara.
Zacky stood up and the two guys just looked at each other.
After a moment a look of understanding passed over their faces and they smiled.
They hugged each other and pulled away with giant smiles.
"This is so great." Alaina squealed.
I smiled and realized that Matt was still sitting down.
I looked at him for a second and then turned my gaze away from him.
"Good to see you bro." Matt said, finally standing up and hugging Brian.
I smiled at the look on Brian's face.
He had his best friends back and you could see the happiness on his face.
Matt sat back down and they all scooted over to make room for us.
"Are you happy, Brian?" I whispered in his ear.
He looked down at me and kissed me gently.
"Yes. Thanks for making me come." He said.
"Anytime." I said with a smile.
"I love you, baby."

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