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"Yo Syn! " I heard someone yell.

Brian turned around and smiled when he saw it was the guys.

I grinned and waved at all of them as they walked up and sat at the bar.



Anything to keep a fight from starting.

I looked at the way Zacky was looking at Mike as he passed by me.

Maybe not.

Matt caught my eye and smiled, I waved him over after giving each of the guys a kiss.

"Hey sis." Matt said, hugging me over the divider on the side of the counter.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"Bri called us. Told us to meet him here so we could all hang out." I nodded as I looked at Brian.

He was smiling and joking with the guys.


He had called them here because he knows they have his back no matter what.

"Could you do me the biggest favor ever, bro?" I asked him, putting on the puppy eyes.

"I hate when you look at me like that. What do you want?" Matt grumbled.

"Mike has been egging Brian on all night. Could you please try and keep the peace?" I asked softly.

"Yeah. You got it." Matt said.

I smiled and pulled him close.

"I love you big brother." I said with a smile.

"Love you too sis." He said.

So far the night was passing by uneventfully.

There were a few customers that needed to be escorted out, but none of them was Brian so I was happy.

Mike kept saying stupid shit, trying to get a rise out of Brian, but the guys kept him calm and I distracted him with kisses everytime it looked like he was about to get up.

"Your boyfriend is a fucking pussy." Mike said softly, close to my ear.

"No. A pussy is a 'man' who tries to break up a happy home because he wants something he'll never have." I said.

Mike stood opened mouthed as I walked away with a smirk on my face.

I had to go to the store room to get more rags and napkins.

For some reason, everyone was a lot more clumsy then usual and kept spilling drinks.

I reached up to get a box off a high shelf when I felt hands on my waist.

"Babe, you're gonna get me in trouble." I said with a laugh.

"I love when you call me babe." Mike whispered in my ear.

My body erupted into shakes.

Holy crap.

I spun around quickly and pushed Mike away.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I screeched.

"Touching you." He said simply.

"I dont want you touching me!" I yelled.

"Come on, babe. It's just us back here." Mike said in a husky whisper.

I can not believe I was being put in this situation.

"Mike, I don't know how much simpler I can make this for you. I have no desire or interest to be with you. Ever." I said emphasizing the last word.

Mikes hands snaked around my body and anchored me to him.

"Goddamn it Mike! Let me go!" I yelled.

"Come on, Cynthia. Just give me a chance." Mike said.

"No." I said firmly, pushing him away from me.

Mike started walking towards me again.

"Mike!" I said in a warning tone.

"No means no! Asshole!"Zacky yelled.

I saw all of the guys grouped around Brian.

My eyes settled on Brian and his eyes were dark pools of brown.

Absolutely dangerous.

He looked livid.

Something seriously bad was about to happen.

"Babe! Please, lets just go." I pleaded, looking at Brian.

He wasn't even looking at me.

I ran over to him and I could see him literally shaking in anger.

"Babe! Look at me! I'm fine!" I yelled, pulling Brian's hand to my face and putting it on my cheek.

Brian looked down at me and stared into my eyes that were filling with tears.

He pulled me in and kissed me gently.

He pulled away and moved me around him.

"Make sure she doesn't see this." Brian said as he pushed me into Matt's arms.

"No!" I yelled as I struggled against his arms.

"Come on, sis. You dont need to watch this." Matt said softly.

"No Matt! He's gonna kill him." I cried as I tried to grab onto the door frame.

Matt stopped for a moment, probably realising I was right.

He turned back to Zacky, Jimmy and Johnny who were trailing behind us.

"Jimmy, Zacky, stay with Brian. Make sure the guy has a pulse when brians done." Matt said.

They nodded and I continued to struggle as Matt and johnny led me outside.

"Just let me go back inside. There doesn't have to be a fight. I can talk to Brian." I said, trying to go back inside.

"No babe. He deserves everything he's gonna get." Johnny said softly.

I looked between Matt and Johnny as they stood by me.

Wonder if they would still feel the same if they knew Mike helped get passed the fact that Brian cheated on me in my own house.

I looked at their faces again.

They wouldnt.

I leaned against the car and crossed my arms over my chest.

Now all there was left to do was wait.

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