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Cynthia's POV

I wonder if the pain was as evident on my face as it was in my heart.
It doesn't matter how many times he brushed his teeth.
I can still taste her on his tongue and it kills me.
He looked at me, confused.
I put on a smile and gave him a quick peck on the lips, making sure to leave my mouth tightly closed.
I turned back to the stove and flipped the bacon.
"Breakfast is almost ready." I said in a happy voice.
"Ok." I heard him mutter.
He turned and went to the table, sitting down quietly.
I heard the high ringer of my cell going off and I answered it.
"Hello?" I said with a huge smile on my face when I saw the caller ID.

Brian's POV

I watched the way her face pulled up into a smile as she talked to the mystery person on the phone.
She hadn't smiled at me like that in a while.
I guess that's my fault though.
I don't give her too many reasons to smile at me these days.
"I miss you too." I heard her say.
I could feel rage building in my body.
She's talking to a guy.
I know she is.
"Of course I want to see you. How about sometime in the next few days?" She asked with an even wider smile.
"Ok! I'm so excited to see you!" Cynthia squealed, jumping up on the counter.
Why does it upset me so much for her to talk to another guy, when I do the same thing and more?

Cynthia's POV

After I hung up my phone, I couldn't take the smile off my face.
"Who was that?" Brian asked quietly.
My eyes opened wide.
I'd totally forgotten he was there.
"Just an old friend." I said simply.
His eyes bore into me and I hopped off the counter, to finish the food.
I turned and looked at Brian's face.
He looked pissed.
"Don't worry, Bri. I would never cheat on you." I said firmly, setting his plate in front of him.
He mumbled something I didn't quite catch.
It sounded like, "I used to think that too."
It's funny how six little words can cause so much pain.

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