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Brian's POV

"I love you, baby." I said softly. Her side went quiet for a moment.

"I love you too. So much." Cynthia said softly. I couldn't help but smile at her words.

It sent a rush through my body everytime I heard it. "Alright I'll see you later." I said with a smile.

She laughed and agreed. I waited til I heard the dial tone to hang up.

I looked up at the guys and they were smirking. "What?"I asked.

"I love you, baby." Johnny teased. "Shut the hell up, dude!" I said back, starting to blush.

That just made them laugh harder. "Aww! Wittle Bwian is bwushing." Zacky teased.

I looked down, because I really was blushing. "Hows everything been lately?" Matt asked.

I grinned widely. "It's been great. It may be hard to believe, but I love her more then I ever have." I said softly.

The guys groaned. "She turned you into a pussy!" Jimmy yelled.

I glared as they all laughed at me. "Fuck you guys! Like any of you have room to talk." I yelled back.

"I'm not whipped." Johnny said. "If you're no whipped, I don't know who is." I shot back.

All the guys laughed at him as he glared at me. "Admit it guys. We're all whipped." I said after a moment.

They were all quiet as they looked at me. "Yeah, I guess so." Matt said after a while.

I looked up and smiled at him."Just don't tell them that. It will go straight to their heads." Zacky said with a laugh.

I busted out laughing too cause itreally was true. "Where is my little sister anyway?" Jimmy asked.

"She's having coffee with Mike. She should be home in a while." I said nonchalantly. A look passed over all of their faces thatI didn't understand.

"What?" I asked. It was quiet and none of them looked at me.

"What's going on you guys?" I asked again. "What is Cynthia with Mike?" Zacky asked.

He actually sounded angry and that shocked me. "She said she hasn't sen him in a while and she wanted to catch up." I told them.

I was so confused and I didn't know what the hell was going on. "Are you guys going to let me know what's going on orare you going to keep looking like you're about to rip someone a new asshole?" I said, starting to get irritated.

"It'sMike." Johnny said. "Yeah, she's with Mike. So what?" I asked.

"He sort of, has a crush on Cynthia." Jimmy said in an aggravated tone.I didn't say anything.

I couldn't speak as I tried to reign inmy emotion and keep them under control. "He what?" I askedsoftly, in a hard whisper.

"He's had a crush on her ever since he met her. We warned him that he needed to get over it or he would have to deal with us." Matt said. I looked up at him with hard eyes.

"And when were you going to share this with me?" I asked. "We know you, Brian. We know exactly how you will react." Zacky said.

"My girlfriend is out with someone who has some weird obsession with her and you were worried about howI was going to react?" I asked getting angry. "We knew thatyou would go crazy. Youwould beat the shit out of him and then Cynthia would beupset. Is that what you want?" Jimmy asked angrily.

I didn't say anything because they were right. That's exactly what I would'vedone.

They took my silence as an answer. "We don't want her to get hurt either.If she wants to hang out with him, fine. We just have to watch him." Johnny said.

I looked at them with uncertainty. "Would any of youlet your girlfriends' hang out with a guy if you knew he liked her?" I asked them all.

A look of anger passed over their faces at the thought. "You're not going to lose her to this guy, Syn. Trust us." Matt said.

I looked at them for a moment and then nodded. I  

hope they're right.

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