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I whipped my head around and saw all of the guys standing there, an arm around their girlfriends waist.

"Just dancing. What are you guys doing here? Tonight was just supposed to be us girls." I said, looking at the girls.

They all smirked and looked at me.

I looked at Mike and his hands were still on my waist.

I moved away from him.

"Where's Brian?" Zacky asked.

"He's at home. Like all of you are supposed to be." I said with a glare.

"Just cause you guys go out doesn't mean we have to stay at home. We didn't even know you guys were coming to this bar." Jimmy said, kissing Kat's cheek.

"If you guys were coming out, why didn't you invite Brian?" I asked with narrowed eyes.

I was still so protective of him.

"We tried calling him but he didn't answer. We wouldn't just leave him at home if we were all going out." Matt said grudgingly.

I nodded because I knew that was true.

"Sorry. I know that. We just got in a fight because he didn't want me to go out." I said, looking down, feeling back because of all the things I said.

"Well,if my girl dressed like that, I wouldn't want her at the bar either. At home, well that's a different story." Johnny said with a chuckle as Jaden blushed.

"I told you guys I looked like a slut!" I complained, throwing my hands in the air.

"You don't look like a slut. Guys just get the wrong impression when they see you." Matt said, looking at Mike pointedly.

Mike looked down.

"I like you hair." Zacky said with a smile.

I smiled too as he ran a hand through it.

"Thanks Zacky." I said.

"Syn must love it." Jimmy said, putting emphasis on his name.

"He does. He wouldn't stop touching my hair." I said with a laugh.

"I bet he loved the outfit too." Johnny said with a smirk.

"He did. Up until he found out I was going out." I said sadly.

"He just doesn't want to lose you. He's so paranoid." Matt said with a laugh, as his eyes strayed back to Mike.

"Hey Mike I gotta ta---," Matt started.

"Let's dance, baby!" Alaina said, grabbing his arm and pulling him away.

One by one each girl pulled her boyfriend the floor until it was just Val, me and Mike.

"So, we gonna dance, or what?" Mike asked me.

I looked at Val.

"I cant leave --," I tried.

"I'm fine. Go have fun, honey." Val said, giving me a little hug.

Mike pulled me by the hand onto the dance floor.

I felt a little more awkward dancing now that the guys are here and watching my every move.

"So are you having a good night?" Mike asked with a smile.

"It could be better. My boyfriend could be here and then I wouldn't be upset and feel like I'm leaving him out."I said glumly.

"You know you're beautiful." Mike said quicky, leaning in closer.

I laughed and backed away, putting space between us.

"I may be drunk but I'm not stupid. I love Brian, Mike. Nothings gonna change that." I said softly.

"I know. We can be friends right?" He asked innocently.

"Let me think." I said, tapping my chin.

Mike laughed at me and I laughed too.

"Of course you can. You can never have too many friends." I said.

"I'm going to be the best friend you ever had." Mike said with a smile.

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