Chapter 17

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<>Liam's POV<>

"Where is he? Where is Glaccki?"

"I told you, I dunno, man! Let me go!" I shoved him away.

"I'm really not in the mood for this, Nova?"

She cracked her neck and grabbed the perp. She lifted him up by his ankles. He was a little impressed by her strength, but more so intimidated.

"Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?" She stepped on the outer edge of the building, he dangled. His shirt covered his face as he screamed.

"This is important. Where is Tom Glaccki?"

"I'm telling you, I dunno! Please don't drop me! I have a family!" Nova lightly loosened her grip. He panicked.

"Last I saw him was weeks ago! Okay?"

"Where did you see him?"

"At a club! Called 'The Spider!"

"The Rossi's own that. What was he doing there?" I spoke up.

"I don't know! All I know he was meeting with Mr. Rossi! That's all I know! I swear!"

Nova made a judgement call and set him back on the roof.

He panted.

"If we find out your holding back, you're dead."

"Yes sir! I understand! Thank you! Thank you!" He dramatically kissed the ground.

"Let's go." She suggested.

We left the rooftop of his sketch apartment building. It was around eleven, approximately five hours since we received the call. Forty three hours. Two thousand, five hundred, and eight minutes to form a plan to save Will.

We were trying to find out anything we could on the man who ratted out our father. He used to go by Johnny Sharp, but was now known as Tom Glaccki.
My father believed he died in a shooting years ago, when I was still young. I remembered him being at our house once. He was skinny, almost sickly. His hair was greasy.

Nova attempted to track the call they made but was unable to, they made it untraceable.

We couldn't go to the police. Besides the fact they only cared about themselves, Will's abduction didn't change the fact that we were wanted. The only reason we aren't being hunted is because there are bigger crimes in the city to worry about. They couldn't help anyway, we were beyond that point.

"We could go to 'The Spider'. Snoop around a bit. See if we can get anything else on Glaccki or the Rossi's."

"We'll have to do in disguise. If they recognize us, we're done for."

We've had to go in disguise a few times before in situations we couldn't be at. We've accumulated a few wigs and other supplies.

Nova hid her blonde hair under a red wig. She overdid her makeup and slid on big sunglasses, accompanied by a green dress.

My disguise was a little less appealing. My wig was covered in thick curls. I glued on a matching mustache above my lip. We became our aliases. Urie and Svet Lana.

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