Chapter 30

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I felt every bump in the road. I laid by a tire iron and a sledge hammer. I did my best to kick them away in fear one would bounce up from a pothole and kill me.

Clarke had disappeared. I could only think the worst. Why wouldn't he come back? He was afraid of his father, afraid to disobey him. Maybe he decided to flee before things got too messy.

The sun was warm. They popped the trunk. The sun beams stared down at me, temporarily blinding me.

"Don't let anyone see, you dumb fuck." King ordered.

His goon held a gun lowly to my back. He covered it up by his open coat.


Despite the warm sun, it was a bit chilly out. There were civilians. Tourists. Surprising to see them, considering the time of year and temperature. They usually visit during the summer. It was mainly men.

We were in the city. Tall buildings surrounded the sea of people down below.

I recognized the hunk of metal the tourists surrounded.We were at The Bean. One of the most popular tourist places in Chicago.

If only the happy people knew what Chicago was truly like.

It was so public. Why would he choose such a public place?

His goon kept the gun on my back. Had no one seriously not noticed the handcuffs?

He kept me turned away from people.

"It's time, boss."

"Hear that? If your dad doesn't make an appearance, you're dead."

Glaccki, Michelle, and Mr.Rossi met him there.

"Where are they?" Glaccki croaked, peering his eyes outward.

"Is that the kids?" Michelle pointed outward.
My heart skipped on her words.

Nova and Liam were dressed in black. Over Nova's shoulder, she carried a bag, with what was probably stuffed with cash, along with the disk they wanted.

They looked like they'd been though hell. Nova's traditional pony tail was frizzy. Liam's hair was dirty. Both of them looked like they hadn't slept in days.

It was them. I didn't expect to see them again. I wanted to run up to Nova, hug her, and never let her go. Liam, too.

My father was no where to be seen.

"What? Where the fuck is Frank?"

King balled up his fists. They stopped. Nova looked at how damaged I was. She looked scared, but she resisted from getting emotional by biting her lip.
Liam studied me briefly, before bringing his attention to the task at hand.

"Here's your cash. It's all there. And your disk too." She slid the bag across the ground.

"Where the fuck is Frank?"

"Frank will not be joining us today." Nova announced. The henchmen's grip tightened on me, I heard the gun on my back lock and load.

"No! We have something else we think you may want."

"I'm not going to play you're fucking games, you brats."

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