Chapter 14

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<>Liam's POV<>

I had never experienced such heart ache in my life until she was gone. It had only been for a couple days so far, but the fact that she could be gone forever hurt. Despite the fact that I would never admit it to anyone, I was a little broken.

I buried myself into work, helping father track down the two men he believed were dead.

We began our search for the two men we believed were dead. Then they were known as Wesley Micdizzo and Johnny Sharp. Former employees of my father.

Nova worked along side me. We... Persuaded a few men, old contacts of the two men to give us any information. They still knew nothing despite the threats and torture.

"What about we look into Velli? Maybe he knows about their whereabouts."

"He won't. He's dead."

"Are you sure?"

"I killed him. I'm sure."

I had set up a board, connecting people and places. It looked like a nark board trying to catch a criminal. A little ironic.

I drew a big X on Velli's face and kicked it in frustration.

"You and Nova should leave."

"Don't suggest it."

"Will left."

"Will was a coward!" I slammed my hands down.

"Will was smart!" He snapped back, standing up to my level.

"Will obeyed orders and left." He finished.

I slammed down my hands again before storming outside.

Will, being the coward he was, took off. He was ridiculously selfish. He cared only about himself. I started to feel hatred towards him, resentment even.

Thanksgiving was a week away. the air was brutally cold. I hoped Nova would come back with news. The only person I could even imagine spending Christmas with was Minga.

I went back in when my hands felt like they were going to fall off.  My arm was still stuck in a sling for a couple more weeks.

Father looked frustrated when I came back. He looked as if he were about to lay into me. But that's okay, I was about to let him have it.

When he opened his mouth to speak, his phone rang.

"A video call?" He answered it. Liam leaned over his shoulder to watch. On his screen was a woman dressed in red. She stood in a dark room, on her face she wore an evil grin.

"Hello, Frank Merlin."

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"My name is Michelle. I represent the King family. And my friend here.." She panned over.

"Is Mr.Glaccki, representing the Rossi family."

Frank gasped.


He shushed me, not pulling his attention away.

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