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Kidnapped For Ransom  by sasagiara
Kidnapped For Ransom by ❤
~ "Well, that ain't gonna happen anymore. Right bitch?" He growled and pinned my wrists against the wall. I could feel my wrists breaking as he held me with im...
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I'm The Alpha Now by xThePineappleGirlx
I'm The Alpha Nowby Laylaa
|| Highest Rank - #10 in Humor || Usually when you wake up in a dark room with chains around your body, you panic. Especially when you find out you've been kidnapped an...
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RANSOM - 3RACHA by escapethe_gayships
RANSOM - 3RACHAby Jasmine
"Don't do that, the police will think you're insane." "That's because he is insane." × When Chan is kidnapped for a ransom and his father refuses to...
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The Ransom by LovelyLouStyles
The Ransomby LovelyLouStyles
Harry Styles is in a gang with four lads named Liam, Zayn, and Niall. Harry, the leader, decides he wants a get-rich-quick scheme, so they organize a plan to kidnap the...
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CSI: KFC || Ransom Drysdale x reader by SpideyPeterTingle
CSI: KFC || Ransom Drysdale x read...by Clover
"I think this could be the best thing to happen to all of you!" Also warning for swears if that bothers you, there's some, not too much in my opinion but it's...
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Tell me lies by chrisevansfiction
Tell me liesby chrisevansfiction
{ Ransom Drysdale X Reader } (Y/n) and Ransom are married since a really long time now, and (Y/n) knows that he's not an easy human to handle. But after murdering his o...
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Protecting the batbrothers by phantasyfan
Protecting the batbrothersby Merle
Every villain needs money, right? But in that kind of buissnes, it's hard to get it the legal way, so why not kidnap a rich child for ransom- or even better, four rich c...
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Kidnapped By Johnny Depp by sadnoodlegurl
Kidnapped By Johnny Deppby sadnoodlegurl
In 2007, a popular girl named Lola is living the dream life in LA with her dad, who is a well known director in Hollywood. But her perfect life comes crashing down when...
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The Lost Map by PirateCaptainZero
The Lost Mapby Lauriann A. Comrie
***Wattpad Featured Story*** When her sister is kidnapped, Sierra hires a pirate to take her through the Screaming Cliffs to the island surrounded in mist to find the ra...
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M Y   D R U G🌹🖤// LANDON CUBE  by _sunkissmik_
M Y D R U G🌹🖤// LANDON CUBE by Indiekidwannabe_
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You Made Me Better | Knives Out by UndercoverHashbrown
You Made Me Better | Knives Outby Undercover Potato
OK...so I just saw Knives Out (2019). For the record, it is the best movie EVER. I just kind of shipped Marta and Ransom and also had a different idea in my head for thi...
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Bad Company by LeeBabyRnR
Bad Companyby Lee
A group of friends get together to hatch a plan to get rich. They conspire to kidnap a rich young girl for ransom. Christian is forced to participate in his friends' pla...
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Cara y Cruz by Na02770
Cara y Cruzby Slythering31
Ransom tiene que decirle a Steve una verdad que desearia sea mentira
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Suga's Babygirl by bangtanboyyssss
Suga's Babygirlby BangtanBoys.V
"What am I here for? Money?" I demanded, desperately trying to mask my fear. Suga's menacing chuckle filled the empty room, sending chills down my spine with e...
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Quid Pro Quo (Your Lie In April/ Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Fanfiction) by millenialcassiopeia
Quid Pro Quo (Your Lie In April/ S...by Dark Angel Arima
Arima Kousei gets kidnapped. Will he survive? Will he be able to escape? What's the reason why he was kidnapped? Is it really just because of money or there was some...
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Ransom by avallia
Ransomby avallia
My head hurt, my body hurt, everything hurt. I could still feel the burning sting on my left cheek where my kidnapper had punched me. "You are making a mistake, pl...
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Mystery Woman by Aurora808
Mystery Womanby Aurora
A wealthy couple is robbed and abducted by three desperate criminals. But things go wrong and two of the kidnappers are killed. The third kidnapper, a woman, is lying se...
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In The Mix - Ransom Drysdale by smiley8089
In The Mix - Ransom Drysdaleby smiley808
Jamie is the only person Ransom has been able to tolerate for the last few years, but when she gets mixed up in his family issues, maybe he'll realize he cares about her...
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WE BLEED! by Aeeeshatuh
WE BLEED!by 🌻Blossom_Queen🌻
The world we live in now is scary, It is a place of war and violence, A place ruled with hatred for one another, A place where people relish eachothers failure And lo...
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Blue Eyes in Mine (Hollowheart) by kikidafleeky
Blue Eyes in Mine (Hollowheart)by kikidafleeky
This story is based on a oneshot that I made. Enoch O'Connor is in university. He hopes to become a surgeon one day. He had his whole life planned ahead of him... until...
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