Chapter 12

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"You do remember me?" He raised a greasy brow.

"You betrayed my father."

"I did, my boy."


"Have you met your father? He's cruel. He threatened to kill my family, that filthy son of a bitch.

"No. He wouldn't do that. He understands the importance of family."

"Then he'll rescue you, right?"

Would he? He believed I left. So did Liam and Nova. I doubt they even missed me or wanted me home. I was just a waste of space. The annoying little brother no one wanted.

"And when he does, we'll be ready for him."

"When will they be here, Mr. Glaccki?" The red woman asked, folding her arms.


"Perfect. Until then, we'll keep him locked in here. No one will find him."

"Why is he under such lock up?"

"So no one finds him sir, and so he doesn't escape. We have Clarke watching him."

"You think he's capable of taking down Clarke?"

"Most certainly, if given the opportunity. From what I've heard, he could wipe out twenty men if he desired."

"Do you really think he's that skilled?"

"I do."

"Untie him."


"Untie him. That's an order from your superior. Untie him and follow me."

The red lady did as told. Her guards stood behind her, ready to attack at moments notice.

"Don't you dare try anything." One of her guards grabbed my arm and led me like a horse.

The five of us followed Mr.Glaccki down the dark rooms. He pulled a switch, illuminating the rest of the warehouse. Broken bottles and crates laid around. The building was brick and the windows were on the roof.

It wasn't much of a warehouse, it was an abandoned factory.

"Fifty grand Clarke can beat him in a fight."


"Clarke has been training his entire life from what I've been told."

"So has Liam."

"If I know Frank, he taught him how to use a gun more than how to use his fists. Fifty grand."

She looked back at her guards.

"You're on."

"Boundaries." He drew it on the cement ground with his foot. He drew a large square.

The guard released me.

Clarke looked over at me, afraid and unsure. He was scared of me.

No, he was scared of Liam's image. I couldn't fight. Maybe I could get away with blaming it on my thumb.

"What do I get out of this?"

"Let me think. I won't shoot you." Red lady pulled a gun out. I put my hands up.

"Jesus, you all really know how to make threats."

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