Chapter 24

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"Your home? Don't you live in the city?"

"My other home. Ever been to Wisconsin?"


"Well, you're going now." He accelerated out of the city, going north.

"Can you at least untie me?"

Clarke tossed me the handcuff key.

"Don't even think about escaping."

I didn't plan on it. Miles away from the city, I would have no where to go.

I fell asleep for the majority of the ride, making it feel shorter. I felt something gently shake my shoulder.

"Will. We're here."

Their other home was different than I expected. It was in the country. The brown fields went on for acres. The house was surprisingly a well kept Ranch Style. Trees grew around it. Hell, there were even cows in the pastures. The so seemed to be bluer up there. It was beautiful.

"Wow." I observed the apple trees, it's leaves brown from autumn's harsh reign.

"You should see it in the spring. Everything's green.  The apples grow, cows drink from the stream, and sunflowers grow."

"It's beautiful. But it so.."

"Unexpected? Didn't expect an infamous, out of power drug lord to hide out here?"

"I wouldn't look for him here, no."

"Exactly. No one thinks of looking out here. Just listen."

I waited for sound, but there was nothing. Just an occasional 'Moo' from the fenced cows.

"Nothing, really." I admitted.

"That's the beauty of it. It's so tranquil. In the city, there's always noise. And it's always go, go, go! But here, time slows. It's like living in the eye of a hurricane. The center, calm part in a swirling pool of chaos...
No one will find you here, Will. That's a promise. Now let's go take a shower, you reek."

"So do you!" I gave it back to him, following him into the house. The architecture was well crafted and nicely done.


Clarke and I raised our arms in defense.

"Oh, Clarke. It's only you. You almost gave an old man a heart attack!" He put his shotgun down, laughing. Clarke smiled.

"No problem, Eric. This is my... Friend. Will. This is the man who primarily takes care of the property when we're away."

"With help of course. Becca just left. She takes care of the cows and milks them. Too afraid to get near those beasts!"

Clarke laughed.

"I don't think those 'beasts' would hurt you."

"Quite right. How long will you be staying?"

"We're leaving tomorrow around noon."

"Very good, sir... What's that horrid smell? The city finally in such a dumpy state it's patrons smell from it?" He scrunched up his nose at our stench.

"Ha, not quite yet. See you at dinner."

He took me upstairs. There were many rooms, approximately around the same size. He opened the second wooden door on the right.

"Towels are in there."

He went over to a different room and brought me back some clothes.

"These should fit. We're about the same size, except the fact that you're scrawnier." He joked.

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