Chapter 1

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"Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" The little boy tugged on his mother's shirt sleeve and rushed to the door. His little bare feet pattered on the wooden floor.

"Daddy! You're home!" He jumped into his tall father's arms and embraced him tightly.

"I sure am, bud. But shouldn't you be in bed?" He noticed his little son dressed in his race car themed pajamas.

"Mommy said I could stay up and wait for you." He looked over at her with a bit annoyance and concern.

"He really wanted to see you." She crossed her arms.

"Can you read me a bedtime story? Please, please, pleasee."

The small boy bounced in his dad's rather big arms. He put him down and kneeled by him.

"Okay, okay, one story. I'll be up in a minute, I need to talk to your mother first, Will."

He nodded, bounced out of his father's arms, and disappeared up past the stairs. His father stood up and looked at his wife.

"What happened?"

"The King's are pissed. Apparently, the Rossi's stole something of theirs."

"What did they take?"He dug deep in his pocket and pulled out a small, plastic bag.

In it contained a silver, flat, disk. He tossed it on the coffee table onto to the white doily.


You didn't.."
"I did...There's going to be an all out war between them."
She panicked. He tried to hold back the wide smile, but he couldn't resist. Her face folded once she realized his devious and twisted plan.

"Once they destroy each other, they'll only be one drug supplier. Us."

The small blonde girl peaked her head out from the top of the stairs. She squeezed her purple teddy bear tighter in her arms."

"If they find out we have it.. They'll kill us.. They'll kill our children."

"No one will find it."

From under the stairs, he pulled out a silver brief case. He pressed his thumb against the print scanner, and popped it open. He tossed the disk in and slammed it shut.

"Ever." He promised.

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