Chapter 31

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It was like a volcanic eruption. The unexpected happened. Some tourists pulled out guns and began to shoot. I hit the ground.

Bullets flew everywhere. People screamed and hit the ground. Blood splattered. Our men were dying, their men were dying.

Clarke hit the ground too. Nova and Liam shot out towards King. But he was indestructible. He wasn't stupid enough to come without a backup.

Clarke inched towards me.

"Run, Will!" He called.


"Go, Will!" Nova commanded through the loud gunfire.

I did what I did best. I ran.
I pushed myself off the ground sprinted away.

Clarke laid on the ground. I couldn't leave him.

I rushed over quickly and cautiously.

"Run! You idiot!" I pulled him up, grabbed him by the cuffs, and ran. I ran away from The Bean. I ran away from the chaos.

I was out of breath when we were a street away.

We were both still cuffed. I painted.

"What's going on? Did they get shot?"

"You're siblings are good with guns. I'm sure they're fine."

"If the police come."

"They'll be safer than out here in the real world. They're smart. They'll get away."

"Did you know that he had my mom and brother?"

"No. I didn't."

"Don't lie to me."

"I didn't, I swear. I knew they were looking, but I didn't know they found them."

"We have to save them."

"Do you think that's wise? You're supposed to be the sensible one."

"And you're supposed to be the fearless one. My brother. He's five. His name is Jack. My mom, Holly, is the sweetest woman who ever lived. I doubt either of them can defend themselves. If we don't, there going to die. They're the innocent ones. They don't deserve this."

Clarke sighed.

"First, we have to get out of these god damn cuffs."

We went back to Clarke's to pick the handcuffs.

"Why do you think my dad didn't come?"

"Maybe he couldn't come."

"My siblings... They ambushed you."

"Yeah, it was weird being the kidnapee , you know. I'm used to being the kidnapper." He searches in the drawers of the living room for a pick frantically.
"At least it's not Stockholm syndrome. We're both kidnap victims."

Clarke picked his handcuffs off first, then mine.

Clarke tossed them aside. I rubbed my wrists, it felt nice to be free.

Under the rug, Clarke opened a secret compartment in the floor. In a chest in there, it was filled with weapons.

"Load up, fast."

I crammed as many weapons as I could. I held a gun in my hand.

"You know how to use that?" Clarke shoved a knife in his pocket.

"Yeah.. Just never have." I mumbled.

"Let's go."

Clarke drove the car that took us to and away from the city.

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