Chapter 25

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My stomach fluttered magically for every second our lips were together. It was minty and cool. He put his hand on my face, the tips of his fingers gently touching my hair. Kissing him was like climbing a dangerous mountain and finally reaching for the top.

We pulled away slowly. Our eyes opened at the same time. Both of us were at a complete loss for words. I couldn't comprehend any. We just looked at each other. My insides melted when I looked at his grey eyes. It was like a rainstorm, I don't understand why so many people were opposed to them. I always saw the beauty in them.

"Will.." He choked and broke eye contact.

"They plan to kill you or your father tomorrow. If he doesn't show, it's going to be you.
And I don't know if I can bare it to be you. You're different than anyone else in my life. You're real. You're not greedy or power hungry. You haven't killed anyone. You're good and pure and honest. Everyone I know is corrupt, except you."

He brought his eyes back up to me.

"People usually think being unexposed is bad."

"It's not, Will. It's what makes you the incredible person you are. You're too good for this life, Will Merlin."

"No one's ever spoken so sweetly to me before."

"It's not being sweet, it's the truth."

I took it all in. He cared for me.

"You're good too."

"I'm not."

"You are. You believe people should be treated humanely and fair. You could've hurt me a hundred times over, but you didn't. You could've killed Toni for being an annoying little prick, but you didn't. Don't you see? You're good too."

"I guess we both deserve better, don't we?"

"I suppose we do." I held his hand.

"Let's leave."


"Just listen. We can get money and go. We can just leave. Move to a small town that speaks another language and stay there."

"When you're father would find you, he'd kill you."

"But if he didn't?"

"He would. You know that. If we don't show up tomorrow-."

"We don't even know what happened to my father. He could be in jail for all I know."

"I've been thinking about that. Who told them where we were?"

"Must've been someone on the inside. Not even your father could find us."

"Was it you?"

"It should've been, but no. It wasn't. Whoever called them, I'm glad they did."

We kissed again, but it was a bit longer. Clarke proceeded to go down and kiss my neck. I could feel his hand go up the back of my shirt a bit. I enjoyed it, but I had to tell him.

"You're delivering me to the meeting point tomorrow."

He stopped.

"Why? I can't."

"You're father will kill my family or take one of my siblings if you don't.  I'm sure my father will show up tomorrow. We must too."

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