Chapter 10

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I felt nauseous. My head throbbed. I was absorbed in darkness. The tip of my tongue glazed across my teeth. I tasted a bit of blood.

I fidgeted my hands. They were immobile, something tight was pulling them close. My feet were in the same condition. The room smelled salty.

I heard more footsteps.

"Good work, Clarke. He'll be pleased." A female voice said.

I pushed my heavy eye lids open.  My vision was weak and blurry. I couldn't speak.

"And the prisoner awakens." The woman walked closer to me. All I could see was a blur and a soft voice approaching.

"Wake up."  She caressed her hand on my face. She was so gentle.

She was in focus now. Her dress was red, as was her matching lipstick on her plump lips. Her hair was twisted on her head in a tight bun. Large earrings swallowed her ears.

She struck me, swinging hard with her hand. It jerked me over in the chair. Pain radiated on my cheek. If I could see it I'd imagine it would've left a print.

"WAKE UP! D is going to want to see you!" She pulled down the gag out of my mouth.

A boy stood feet behind her. His arms were crossed. He was clothed in dark colors.

"Please. Let me go." I pleaded.

"Never thought I would hear the great son of Frank Merlin beg. Much less a brave man such as yourself."


"I've heard stories about you, Liam. And let me just say, I am impressed. The time you got through airport security with four pounds of coke on? How ever did you do it. I bet your daddy is proud."

Liam? She thought I was Liam? The story she was telling about him was true, even I didn't know how he did it.

"Really living up to the Merlin name. But it was quite easy to capture you. Expected more of a fight from you."

"You guys got me. Good job. You could release me now. Won't tell the cops, I swear."

She laughed.

"Stop, Liam. Stop begging, it doesn't suit you."

She turned to leave.

"Keep an eye on him." She commanded the guy.

Would it benefit me to pretend to be my brother? Would they be angrier if they found out the truth? Maybe if I sacrificed myself for Liam, my life would be seen of value.

I stayed quiet as she pulled the steel door behind her. Leaving me alone with the guy in the corner.

He stepped closer to me, revealing himself in the light. His jawline was so sharp it could cut diamonds. His eyes were grey and calm.

His arms remained crossed.

"You seem like a reasonable guy, just let me go."

He said nothing.


"No response, I see. What are you, the strong, silent type?"

I could see by the size of his muscles and his tightly sealed mouth he was.

So there I waited. I felt the back of the hard chair, thinking of a way to break the cuffs on my hands and the rope on my legs.

I remembered myfather once told me if he ever needed to break out of hand cuffs to break my thumb. Then I would be allowed to slide out of there and untie my legs. Good. It's going to hurt, but it's better than dying, right?

The next challenge would be getting past silent, body guard, Clarke. He was around my height, maybe a little taller. But he was advanced in the muscle department, which I was not. There wasn't a gun on him, at least not one I could see.

If I did manage to take Clarke down, what would be waiting for me outside? Guards? People with guns? More people that want me dead? Who even had me kidnapped? Is it the King's or the Rossi's? Perhaps it was an outer party who just wanted a fat check. Maybe it was someone who wasn't even educated on the drug business.

I wiggled my feet in the tight rope. The kidnappers had to be someone who hasn't seen Liam in a while to mistake me for him. Maybe they were just con men. But then how would the woman in red know about Liam's drug heist?

"Stop moving." Clarke commanded in a grunt. He came closer. His arms were no longer crossed.

"Oh, he does speak."

"Stop. Or ill..." He twitched with fear as he reached for his gun from the back.

Was he... Scared of me?
"Calm down. Not gonna try anything. Yet."

I began to apply pressure on my thumb when he put his gun back. I winced in preparation for the pain.

The door flung open. The red woman was followed by a few more men this time.

"This is him. Liam Merlin." I didn't recognize the goons with her. They were big, similar to the ones Liam had described.

"The boss will be pleased. Good job, Clarke. We'll call him tomorrow, bright and shiny. Watch him til then."

Clarke nodded in agreement with heavy dislike. It was ridiculous what a strong guy like him was baby sitting me.

Before they left again, I watched one of the goons grab his arm and stop.

"Be careful. You don't know what he's capable of."

Clarke nodded and looked back at me with a pang of fear. He twitched  again.

Fear? He feared me?
No. He feared Liam. He feared the name. A name I had to live up to; the name that was saving me until at least tomorrow. 

And I had to give them something to fear.

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