Chapter 34

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In the morning, we packed into Clarke's car once more. He drove us up to Wisconsin, a more permanent spot for us to regroup. He drove the four hours. We were hesitant. If his dad's workers were still there, who knew where their loyalties lie. Clarke was prepared.

My mom still hadn't broke from her shocked coma. She was so broken.

We pulled up to the house. There was now a light dusting of snow on the ground.

Clarke drew his gun.

"Let me come with." I said.

"No, you stay."

"I'll go." Nova said.

Clarke nodded in acceptance.

"I'll tell you if it's clear."

They exited the car and went into the house, guns drawn. There were no other cars outside. They patrolled. I could hear Tank barking inside.

Clarke stuck his head out the door and signaled us to come in. Liam and I brought mom in with us and turned off the car.

Tank sniffed me and barked. She whined and jumped up onto me.

"It's alright, girl." I scratched her behind the ears.

She continued to whimper. I petted her gently in attempt to relax her.

"Shouldn't your workers be here?"

"Maybe they fled."

Tank's food and water dish was filled, indicating someone had been here recently.

"We need to figure out some shit." Liam said.

"Mom, do you need anything?" I asked, rubbing her shoulder.

"Is there a bed?" She said weakly.

"What's that?"

"A bed. I want to sleep. Is there a bed here."

"Yeah, up the stairs and to your right. Pick any room you want, they're all open."

She nodded.

"Do you need anything, mom?" Nova asked.

"I'm fine." She climbed up the stairs. We all remained in the kitchen. Tank continued to whine for attention at my legs.

"What has gotten into her?" I asked. Clarke kneeled down to pet his usually energetic dog.

"She seems to be fine, no injuries."

"Enough about the dog." Said Liam sharply.

"What the hell are we going to fucking do?"

"Look, we need to find my dad. We need to kill him, then this can all be done with. The Rossi's won't know what to do. They've never done shit."

"What about getting my dad out of jail?"

Suddenly, a high pitched scream came from upstairs. They drew their weapons and booked it upstairs.

"Mom? MOM! Are you okay?" Yelled Liam, pushing through a bedroom door.

There was a dead man on the ground. A big, bloody, gash was formed in the back of his head.

They lowered their weapons. Clarke stepped closer. It was his old friend and housekeeper, Eric.

"It's Eric." He announced.

"Who the hell is Eric?" Liam asked.

"Someone who kept the house, worked for my dad. Someone was here."

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