Chapter 23

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•Will's POV•

I had never been so heavily guarded in my life, nor how inhumane.

I was dangled from a chain for their own personal amusement. In shifts, husky men guarded me. Clarke had disappeared outside. My tied ankles ached, I could feel surges of blood rushing to my brain as I hung upside down like a bat. They laughed and taunted me. I felt myself getting dizzier and weaker as they pushed my back and fourth.

Toni Rossi laughed mercilessly.

"Hit him!"

A man slapped the back of my limp legs with a skinny board.

He laughed, as if I were nothing but a toy to him.

"Stop!" An angry voice screamed. Clarke came marching over, his fists balled up.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He screamed in Toni's face.

"Calm down, Clarky. Just having a little fun with the bitch."

"Do you know what happens to us if he dies? DO YOU? I'll tell you, we die. We can't use him, and our father's will kill us. Take him down!"

The burly men lifted me up and unchained me. He set me in the cement floor.

"My father wouldn't kill me." Toni crossed his arms.

"Think again." Clarke turned away from him, over to me. He knelt down by me.

"Are you okay?" He whispered ever so quietly.

I lightly nodded, feeling the blood return to other parts of my body. He rose and went back to Toni.

"If you EVER hurt him I can promise you, you'll be buried right next to your mother. Now move out of my way!" Clarke stiffed his shoulder and pushed him, walking out and up the stairs.

My limbs ached. Toni looked back at me, giving an evil glare.

How much longer? How much longer until I could go home? When could they save me?

I remembered when I complained about my brother. I complained how I didn't want this life. I don't regret it, but my issues then seemed so minuscule looking back on it.

The King brigade came in, led by none other than Mr.King himself. Glaccki and Michelle followed. Clarke came down slowly.

"Came for my daily update."

"He's breathing, as you can see."

"Only until tomorrow. This time tomorrow, we'll have Frank Merlin in our grasp."

"Everything is going according to plan." Michelle updated.

"Excellent. Send them the location of our meeting." He folded his arms, giving me an icy glare. He opened his mouth to speak.

That's when all hell broke loose.

"POLICE!" They broke down the steel doors. Their boots clammed, holding their protective shields up.

"Shoot" Mr.King yelled.

All his cronies began to fire. A bullet war fought back and fourth between the police. Blood splattered as bodies hit the ground.

Clarke's father ran, firing a few shots.

"Get out of here! Take him and go. You know where to take him. Ya hear me? He yelled at Clarke. His father sent off a few more warning shots.

Clarke quickly pulled me. Ducking, we ran upstairs. We ran up into his place of residence. He shut and locked the door.

He yanked and jerked the wood off the blocked off windows. He removed all the boards, shattering the window by kicking it.

He cleared up the glass on the bottom.

"We need to jump!"


"Jump, Will! It's the only way, don't you see?"

I looked back. I believed the police could've been looking for me. I could go with them. I could go home.


I grabbed his unsteady arm and jumped with him. We landed hard and fast. My side ached when I landed on something too soft to be the ground. Shards of broken glass poked my back. Something stunk.

"Ow." I twisted my body.

"Shh!" Clarke pulled down the lid.

We were in a garbage filled dumpster. It smelled like baby diapers, rotten eggs, and spoiled tomatoes.

Clarke jumped up, dragging me with him. My ribs hurt.

"Let's go." He heaved me out of the mounds of garbage. We were in an alley. They had me captured in an abandoned factory in the middle of a neighborhood.

Behind sat a rusty blue Buick, which hadn't looked like it moved for a while.

"Quickly! Get in!"

Gun shots still fired from the inside. I hopped next to Clarke. The car hummed and popped before going. He sped down the road, as far away from the factory as possible.

The car didn't go very fast, but it hit every bump in the road. We reeked of spoiled milk and animal droppings. I kept myself from gagging, and held my breath the best I could.

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere where you'll be safe for the next twenty four hours. My home."

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