Chapter 28

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It was late. Almost three AM. Everyone had left, fully aware of the plan conducted tomorrow.

I went outside for. a smoke. I sat outside the wobbly, wooden steps. The steps had only four stairs and a broken rail.

I thought about dying. I thought about Minga. I thought about the last thing I had of her and how I let it go up in flames.

We were outlaws. Homeless outlaws.

I thought of the best outcome. Saving Will, killing the King's, Rossi's and running. Finding Minga first.  I would then check to make sure my mom and brother were all right. I would secure Nova and Will's safety. Once I knew they were, I would leave with Minga. Ideally, somewhere warm. Maybe a nice beach somewhere. She could paint the ocean.
That'd be nice. 
Yeah, that'd be nice.

Maybe I would come back for my dad. Once everyone else was safe, because god knows he could handle himself in prison.

Nova came out and plopped down next to me on the same step. Her pony tail was messy, the bags under her eyes indicated exhaustion.

"Not going to lecture me about being outside? About getting caught?"

She shook her head and took my cigarette away. I expected her to put it out, but she pressed it against her lips, and took a large puff. She let out the smoke, her eyes closed. She looked relieved.

"Never thought I'd see the day you'd smoke. I'd prefer a joint right now though."

She pinched it and handed it back to me.

"I've seen what drugs have done to people. Especially the stuff we sell. It's awful. I didn't want that to happen to me."

"And now?"

"I could be dead by tomorrow."

I took a final puff then, squashed the butt onto the step under us.

"They're gunmen are more skilled than ours. They're weapons could be better than ours."

"Don't think about that. We've done everything we could. We're going to ambush them tomorrow, they won't even see it coming."

"Of course they will. They haven't even sent us the location. Maybe they'll ambush us."

"Then I guess we'll need a bit of leverage too."

"What leverage could we have? It's too late."

"It's never too late."

"What do you mean?"

"We're going to have more leverage than they do."

"What do you mean?"

"There was a police bust yesterday on where I suspect they're keeping Will. Someone tipped the hogs off."

"Someone inside?"

"Probably. Or someone who found out. There was a bust. Some of their gunmen were taken into police custody, but the big fishes got away. Rossi, King.  I suspect one of them still has Will."

"Yeah, and?"

"Someone fled from the scene. Someone I've had our people track."


"Come see for yourself."

I took her back, to one of the gunmen's car parked in back. I lifted the large trunk.

There, laying in the darkness was Toni Rossi. Gagged, beaten. He wiggled and tried to scream through the gag.

"Oh my god." Nova looked down at him.

"Chill out, man. Don't make me knock you out again."

He screeched and kicked. His arms and feet tied.

I slammed the trunk.

"Now we're equal. Pretty soon, we'll have the upper hand."

"This is amazing, Liam. But I wished you would've told me."

"You had enough to deal with. I mean, you are leading an entire freaking army to the most feared drug lord's door step."

"If we don't die. Just hypothetically speaking, what will we do?"

"Leave. Get Will to safety."

"Then what?"

"I guess we'll cross that road when we get to it."

I held her hand. She hugged me. I couldn't remember the last time we hugged.

"We make a pretty good team." She said.

"Yeah. We do." I agreed.

"I love you." She buried her face into my shoulder. I felt the shoulder of my shirt get wet a bit.

"I love you, too. We're going to live. All three of us."

She released me. She hid her tears by blinking. The last time I saw her cry we were nothing but children.

She nodded.

"You should probably get to sleep." I suggested.

"I want another cigarette." She ignored my previous comment.

I pulled one out of the box of my pocket and lit it, she pursed it between two fingers and blew.

"We will save him. Don't doubt that." I made an attempt to reassure her.

We could hear muffled screams in the trunk.

"If we didn't need him, I'd drop that cigarette next to him. Watch him burn." I stared down at the concealed trunk.

"I'd want to do the same fucking thing to King's son. Let him know what it's like for family to be taken."

There was silence.

Nova finished the cigarette.

She flicked it on the hard ground and pushed it down with her heel.

"Me too." She muttered.

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