Chapter 22

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The sun was hot, it shined down in my completely black clothes. I pulled the mask over my face. Nova entered as Nancy Sullivan, keeping her head down, avoiding greetings from her co-workers.

"I'm in." She spoke, pressing her earpiece. Her voice echoed in my head.

"Remember, don't kill anyone." Father tightened his grip on his gun.

Under the ski mask was hot. My nose felt stuffed.

We waited until three.


The doors smacked open. The civilians screamed at the sight of our guns. The bank was nice, heavy chandeliers hung from the ceiling. The civilians were dressed well and wealthy.

"Everyone on the floor! This is a robbery!"

They all fell to the floor, shielding their heads. Screams followed.

"No heroes!" I shouted, watching the bank tellers. In between two men sat Nova. Their arms were up. I saw the man on the right's hand slowly reach for a button under his desk.

"Don't you dare, unless you want to die."

Frank pointed his gun at my disguised sister. She looked forward, paralyzed with fear.

"Let's make this quick. Who has the vault key?"

No one answered.

"No one? Fine. How about this. Someone tells me who has the vault key in five seconds, or I'll blow. Let's see.. Nancy Sullivan's head off."

He browsed her name tag. He pointed the gun between Nova's eyes.

"Five... four."

The older man who attempted the button pushing stood up.

"Please! Don't! I have the key!" He pleaded, stating at the back of his daughter's head.

"Unlock the vault. Now."

"Please. Let her go. She's my daughter."

"Wouldn't be fun attending your daughters funeral, now would it?

Mr.Sullivan's face was red and puffy. He shook.

"Follow me." He pushed his words out of his choked up throat.

Frank followed.

"Watch them." He commanded me. I kept the gun pointed at Nova. Her eyes were big.

She gasped.

I heard thumping footsteps approach. I shifted backwards.

A man in a suit leapt up at me, his arms reaching for my gun. I pulled the trigger, lodging a bullet into his tibia.

He flew backwards into the hard floor. He screamed, gasping his lower leg.

"See what happens to heroes? Next time it'll be your head."

Father came running out. The bag he had brought was filled and tied. He ran.

He handed me the heavy bag. I begin to slowly walk backwards, towards the emergency exit.

"Mr. Sullivan! On the ground!" He commanded.

He did as he said. He sat on his knees and covered his head.

"Ms. Sullivan, you'll be coming with us! Keep your hands on her head!"

Nova obeyed, climbing over the desk. My father had a grip on

"Please! Let her be!"

"FREEZE! FBI!" They tore down the door. They charged in, their guns blazing, dressed in protective gear and shields.

Dad flung over to me, as if she was nothing. She skirted across the floor. I grabbed her.

"I'm taking a hostage!" She kept her head down.

"Go." Dad mouthed back to me.

"Drop your weapon!"

His loaded gun fell out of his arms to the ground. His hands stuck up.

"Go." He looked back.

I open fired on the hanging glass lights. They shattered and darkened the room.

Shots were fired. Booking it out the back, we ran. Nova was still in my grasp.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sight I never predicted to see in my entire life.

My father had his hands on his head, the police brought his arms down and cuffed him. Frank Merlin had been intercepted by police.

We hopped into Mrs.Sulivan's car Wagner had successfully stole.

"Go! Go!" I commanded.

He sped down the road. My palms were sweaty. Nova tore off her glasses and threw them on the ground. She stuck her head out the back window.

"Dad? Where's dad?"

I yanked the mask off my face.

"The police have him."

"We need to go back!"

"Frank Merlin? They have Frank?" Wagner panicked.

"We need to get Frank."

"We can't.."


"We can't. I want to too. But he's safer there than where he'd be with the King's."

"But we need him to get Will."

"We'll figure something out."

We didn't hear any sirens. We sped through traffic to the south side of the city.

"We weren't followed?"

"I don't think so." Wagner admitted, pulling over.

We stepped out of the car and checked the perimeter. There were no vehicles.

"No way. Impossible."

"We.. Got away?" Nova looked both ways.

"Isn't that good?" Wagner asked.

"It was too easy. We planned to be chased."

"Whatever. Let's go." We drenched her car in gasoline and ignited it. The explosion shook the street.

"Let's go."

With a bag of money under my arms, we ran through the unsafe side of Chicago.

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