Chapter 38

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•Will's POV•

I watched the light fade from Clarke's eyes as they came to a close. He was dead. My brother had killed him. His father had killed him.

Clarke was a small spot of light in the messed up world. Now he was gone. He was gone. I couldn't believe what had happened. I wiped my eyes and stood up with my gun.

King looked at me and laughed. No one knew what Clarke and I had. It was only us. It's all it needed to be. I pointed my gun at King. If I was going to die or not, at least he was dead too.

A gun went off quickly behind me, letting off multiple shots at once. The deliverers dropped. I turned to see the notorious Frank Merlin.

"Dad?" Nova asked.

"That's right!" He shot at King and his men who were hiding behind the car.

How did my dad get free?

Nova, Wagner, dad, and I rushed to the other side of the car. They were outnumbered. I stood the closest, pointing my gun at King's forehead.

"You won't do it. Your dad raised shit children. From that bratty kid, all the way to a pussy who can't shoot a fucking gu-."

I didn't let him finish his sentence. I pulled the trigger right at his forehead. Nova shot his henchman friend. The bullets drilled right through their foreheads.

King was finally dead.

Another car pulled up. We stopped and looked to see Toni and his father get out.

"Sorry were late, we." He didn't finish his sentence before quickly getting back in the car.

"We'll get them." Said Nova. Wagner and my father followed to hunt them down.

I fell to the ground. I didn't want to go back by Clarke's lifeless body. I stared at his dad. How could a monster create something so wonderful?

I looked at Liam. He was still holding Minga. He sobbed. I picked up my gun and went behind him. He killed Clarke. He killed Clarke.

I raised my gun at the back of his head. He was too distracted to notice, or too hurt to care. My damaged thumb danced over the trigger. My brother killed Clarke. Clarke never deserved this life, and neither did I. I replayed him killing Clarke over and over in my mind. I was filled with pure anger and hatred. How could he do this? He took away the one thing I loved. The one thing that gave me hope. The one person who taught me there was so much more to live for.

I almost pressed the trigger, and couldn't. I returned to the state where I was unable to shoot.

I wonder if Liam would've done it if he would've known. I lowered my weapon and my head.

The three of them came back.

"They're gone too. It's over. It's all over." Nova declared.

"How did you escape?" Asked Wagner.

"You really think the great Frank Merlin wouldn't have an escape plan if he got arrested?"

"Ha, guess you're right. Should've figured." Wagner replied, patting my father's shoulder.

"We were going to come for you, dad." Explained Nova.

"Glad you didn't. Don't waste your time on me. Where's your mom and Jack?"

"Mom is okay, we think." Nova pulled dad to the side to tell him what happened to our little brother and how killing Toni served our brother justice.

Liam was still gone. He could be killed and not be bothered. I contemplated it more. But I couldn't kill my brother.

Dad took the news hard. He tried to keep himself together the best he could. Before he could talk to us, sirens whistled in the distance.

"Everyone. We gotta go. Now."

Nova tugged on Liam.

"We gotta go."

"No! No! I can't leave her."

"Liam. She wouldn't want you to be like this. Now let's go."

"You don't know what she wanted. She never deserved this. She deserved better."

"Liam. I know you're hurt. But we need to go." Urged our father. We piled up in Clarke's car and drove into the opposite direction.

"I'm sorry about Clarke, Will. You guys seemed close."

"I can't believe you killed him Liam. You son of a bitch!" I yelled.

"Why do you fucking care? He was probably going to betray us anyway!"

"No he wasn't, you think you know everything but you don't!" I reached over to swing at him. I pushed his head against the window.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Yelled Nova.

"Why do you give a fuck?"


The car went quiet.

"You what?" Asked Nova.

I sighed.

"I loved him, okay? I loved Clarke King, the drug lord's son. He helped me and opened up to me even though I m didn't know him long. I never even got to tell him I loved him, you put a bullet in his chest!"

I attacked Liam. I reached the seatbelt and attempted to choke him with it. He hit me a few times back. Nova broke us up once more.

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me? I never would've if I knew."

"Yes you would have. You would've done anything for Minga."

"I wouldn't have killed him. Why didn't you fucking tell me?"

"We just didn't tell anyone. Didn't see a point, and you never trusted him."

"I'm sorry, Will."

The apology came from Liam seemed genuine.

We waited in Illinois. Dad went up to get mom in Wisconsin. We waited with Wagner. Nova was the only sane one. Liam and I were broken.

He came back hours later, the sun was beginning to rise. He came back with my mom, and Daisy. They both appeared stressed.

"Thank you, Wagner." My dad said as we prepared to leave.

"Were leaving the city. You wanna join us?"

"Nah, I have some business here to tend to. Good luck, Frank. Here if you need anything."

He nodded. We crammed into the crowded car. Tank spread out on mine and Nova's lap.

"Where are we going?"

"We're driving until the car breaks down. Three of us are wanted criminals with a dead drug lord's blood on our hands. No going back now."

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