Chapter 7

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•Will's POV•

Sleep was a complicated thing to find that night. The tips of my fingers stopped hurting, but now they felt numb.
I went down stairs around the mid of the third our at night. My stomach quivered. I went downstairs into the living room and flipped on the infomercial channel. ShamWOW's and Snuggie's always amused me.

The door flew open in the entry way. I jumped to my feet. Was it an intruder? My heart thumped one heavy beat.
"HELP!" A female voice pleaded. I sped through the living room and went into the entryway.

It was Minga, bloody and beaten. She was in a panic. Her eyes were bulging out of her skull.

"Are you okay?"

"Don't worry about me. It's your brother. Help me get him in now!"

She wasn't wearing shoes. I followed her out to the car, where my brother laid flat in the reclined passenger seat.  Together we hoisted him in  onto the couch.

"Mom! Nova! Dad!" I rushed upstairs yelling their names.

"What's going on?" My mother tied her bath robe.

"It's Liam. He's really badly hurt."  Without having to say another word, she stormed downstairs to find her first son.


"Minga, you're hurt too!"

"Please, help Liam! Please!" She pleaded, forgetting about her own injuries.

She crouched down by him on the couch, examining him. She tore off his jacket and shirt and examined his chest.

Nova came down, dressed in a tight white tank top and shorts.

"Liam! What happened?"

"These guys outside the club, they took me and attacked Liam."

"Who were they?"

"I have no idea. I hit my head and when I came to it was just us in the alley. I thought he was dead..." She held back her tears from her blood shot eyes.

"I pulled the car around and drove as fast as I could here."

Frank arrived.

"What happened to my son?"

Please! Let's go!"

"Frank, we have to take him to a hospital."

"No, we can't."

"Why not?"

"He'll be recognized."

"He hasn't been caught for anything yet."

"Not yet, but everyone will recognize him as my son. Frank Merlin's son in the hospital, can you believe that?"

"This isn't about you Frank, this is about weather your son lives or dies!"

"Fine, do whatever the hell you want. But when they ask questions you can't answer, don't come crying to me."

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