Chapter 40

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Clarke was right. It was beautiful in the summer. I returned in the mid summer. There was a giant "For Sale" sign staked in the front yard, with a real estate agent's contact  information on it. I climbed over the wooden fence and unlocked it for Tank. She immediately recognized her old home. She rolled in the grass and barked at the cows like she used to.

The fields were green. The sun was warm and the sky was a soft blue. Dandelions dotted the pastures, adding spots of yellow to the green. I couldn't have asked for a better day. The apples were better, not ripe yet. Just as Clarke predicted.

I understood why he loved this place so much. It was the peace, tranquility. The calmness. He was supposed to be with me. We were supposed to be visiting together. This was supposed to be our place.

I looked out to the pastures and rested by one of the tall apples trees. I tossed a ripe apple in my hand.

This was our place, and it always will be.

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