Chapter 3

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"Yes." The twins said in sync with each other. All three looked over at me.


"So here's what needs to be done. You need to go into the city and complete a deal for me. We invented this new drug called "Flash." It's going to be handed out to the minor sellers and dealers within the next few months." He slid a bag over to us. It contained a small purple pill.

"It looks like something I'd take if I had a headache." Liam said, analyzing it.

"Don't let it's appearance fool you, it's dangerous. It's like a mixture of ecstasy and weed, with a bit of addictiveness that could kill."

Liam set it down.

"You three need to deliver and collect. You give them the fifty pounds of Flash in here, and they'll drop off the money they make within the next couple weeks. You three should receive a down payment from them. Don't give them the drugs until they do.Got it?

"Um, I'm sorry, you three?" Nova asked.

"Yes, bring Will along. Give him a gun."

Liam laughed.

"Is there an issue here?"

"It's just.. Well.. I don't like guns." My lip quivered.

"Fine. Your choice. I warned you. Go, they are meeting you at Navy Pier at midnight."

They loaded their guns and shoved them deep in their pockets, along with a knife.

"You aren't even going to take a knife?" 

My hands hovered over the table of weapons. I grabbed a small knife and shoved it deep into my jean pocket. Nova rolled her eyes.

"I was supposed to see Minga tonight." Liam frowned.

"Oh boohoo. I'm sure you'll see her tomorrow night."

"You're right. Let's go. Will, you ready?" He instantly regretted his previous wining.

I zipped up my black hoodie and followed them. Liam threw the fifty pound duffle bag in my arms, practically giving my back out.

Liam and Minga have been on and off for almost a year, since they met in a club. She was going to law school to be a paralegal. In some ways, similar to my mother and father, Minga was too good for Liam.

Nova was all work and no play from what I could always tell. She never dated anyone I knew about. She clearly could if she wanted to, but her relationship with work was all she needed.

As for me? My love life was non-existent. I would get so nervous talking to a girl. I was always quiet around them. I didn't have Liam's charisma or looks. I was different then the others.

I was also the only child with dark hair, the rest of my siblings were light blond. It was because I apparently looked like my grandmother on my mom's side.

We arrived a half an hour later at Navy Pier. We parked a block away and walked to the parking garage, which was closed. Carefully, with our hoods down, we walked in. They shot the cameras.
I jumped.

"Really, Will." Nova put down her hot gun.

"Be quiet! Do you know how high the security is?"

"Doesn't seem to be anyone here, does it? Dumb ass." He whispered and gave me a gentle shove.

We continued through outside. The Farris wheel flashed brightly with green, blue, and red lights.

I personally never cared for Farris wheels, but it was nice to look at.

"Get moving, princess. Put your mask on."

The masks were black, matching the rest of our clothes. They covered our entire face.

"Where are they meeting us at?" I asked.

"The end of the Pier, by the giant anchor statue." Liam pointed.

We blended into the night. A few men were waiting for us, back out to the river.

"Guys, there should be more-."

We approached, I followed them closely. A few boats floated in the distance, heading back to shore.
It was so peaceful.
And we were about to corrupt it.

"We're here." Nova's voice deepened.

"You the dealers?"

"You the sellers?"

"Where's the product?"

Liam scooped up the heavy bag with no issue and approached them.

"Search them!" The middle man commanded. The others hustled over.

"Whoa, whoa. Back it up. I don't think I heard you right. You search us? We're a step up on the food chain if you haven't noticed."

"We don't want no trouble, how 'bout we search each other?"

Liam looked back at me and Nova.

"Fine." He raised his arms up and prepared for a pat down. They pulled out his gun and slid it on the hard ground. A lighthouse whaled in the distance.

"This dude doesn't have a gun!" He called back to his superior while having a fine grip on my thigh.

"What? He has to have a gun!"

"He doesn't. He's afraid of them."

His eyes stared into mine before mechanical laughter broke out between the three.

"Afraid of guns? Afraid of guns!" He laughed. He drew his gun and placed it between my eyes. My heart stopped.


A gun was placed by his ear. His head rolled, but his extended arm stayed in tact.

"Do it. See what happens." Nova whispered, without lowering her arm. Liam appeared at the other side of his head.

He didn't have to be asked again. He dropped it safely on the ground. Nova checked the other guys.

"How about we keep this nice and safe? Hmm? We'll hand over the bag if you hand over the first payment."

The bag they had was smaller, and it was hidden behind the anchor.
They slid it across the cement stone floor. Liam did the same.

"See you in a week for the next payment?"

"Of course."

Liam bent down for the bag, it was light. He unzipped it and dumped out its non existent contents.

"What the?"

All hell broke loose. People with guns jumped out everywhere, all directed at us. The three men disappeared and melted from the scene. There was a scream as they drug them away.

"We had a deal man!" One said before disappearing in a crowd of men.

"This is the DEA and CPD. Put your guns down and remove your masks."

Nova and Liam looked at each other, hoping the other would have a plan.

They slid their weapons down on request.

"You too!"

"I don't.. Wait." I slid the knife on the ground, keeping my hands up.

"Step back from your weapons! NOW!"

We took a couple steps back as they got closer. Nova glanced back at the Chicago River out of the corner of her eye. The caged us in as they stepped closer, drenched in protective gear.

"You're coming with us."

"I don't think so. JUMP!"

She scooped up mine and Liam's hand and jumped over the small wall. Their guns went off in a blaze behind us. She pushed Liam and I first before taking the dive herself.


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