Chapter 27

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<>Liam's POV<>

We weren't followed. My suspicions rose. Me and Nova were on high alert. We watched our surroundings carefully. We didn't take the risky way to the motel, so we hid out at Wagner's home, deep in the south side the day before the exchange.

"Keep that money hidden. Don't get jumped." He warned.

His home was warn down. The scent of cigarette smoke infested the place.

The fresh scent of weed simmered through the air.

"Sorry. My roommate must've been getting lit." He said.

"We weren't followed." Nova nervously twitched.

"Yeah, that's good right?"

"Good, sure. But unexpected. What if they're watching us right now?"

"They were probably too focused on Frank to go after you two."

"They thought Nova was a hostage for a while. They would defiantly go and try to save her."

"Let's just be grateful then. Want a beer?"

Nova accepted and fidgeted with the cap.

"Dad's gone. We have no way of paying the ransom. Will is going to die."

"Don't say that. We'll figure something out."

"How, Liam?"

"We can break dad out."

"Don't be ridiculous. We break dad out of jail just go put him in the dangerous arms of his nemesis?"

"Is this the part where we choose then? Our brother or our father?"

Nova was silent for a moment.

"Look. We get Frank out, Will lives, Frank dies. We don't show up with Frank, Will dies. Frank goes on trial and would probably receive the death penalty. So in a matter of speaking, yes. We need to make a choice."

I couldn't tolerate her inconsideration. I pulled up my hood and went outside, slamming the door on the way out.

I felt around my pocket for a cigarette and lit it. It was a habit I didn't do too often, but probably more than I should. In this business, I needed all the chill time I could get.

I thought about what Nova was getting at. We had to save Will, no question. But attempting to break our dad out of jail? Unlikely to happen. The police are probably already searching for us.

I squished the butt in the ground, and pushed down on it with my heel. I didn't want to go back in. The choice was impossible.

"Have you decided?"

"You can't ask me to decide something like that!"

"Think of it this way; what would dad want? Tell me. Don't lie."

"He would want us to save Will, regardless of what happens. You know that. You know what we have to do."

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