Chapter 15

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•Will's POV•


The red lady tore the duct tape off my mouth, giving me a quick shave. My lip burned. My legs ached from the brutal beating they had just received.

"Too bad, you didn't even get to say 'hi' to your daddy. Oh well. You'll see him in two days."

I prayed that they recognized me, despite the fact they still believe I'm Liam. Clarke stood in the corner for the entire time as he was directed to do by the red lady, who called herself Michelle.

I coughed and gasped for air. The blow to my stomach felt like someone cut off my air ways.

"He will be pleased." She turned to Glaccki.

"Lucky little you Liam, you'll get to meet the boss!"

"One of the bosses." Glaccki corrected.

"Mr.Rossi will like to see you as well later." He adjusted his hat.

I agreed with most of their demands, except the part about my father. Would he really give himself up for me? He's preached about the importance of family, yet he's destroyed and threatened many. Did he even see me? Or did he think it was some sort of play of theirs? A fake Liam?

I focused on my breathing. In, out. In, out. Maybe they were planning an ambush. Would that result in my death? Maybe. The three of them combined were smart, but I couldn't solely rely on them getting me out. I had to formulate a plan.

The doors opened. The man walked in the middle had two men by his side. Why was it always two?

His coat was long. He was strongly built. He had a strong jawline, with a stocky build. A tattoo covered his neck.

"Mr. King." Michelle ran over.

"We've been expecting you sir. Weights made the call. Everything is going according to plan. We just made the call, Merlin will be yours sir in a matter of days!"

"Where is Liam?"

"Right this way, sir."

She walked him over to me. He had a jagged scar on the far side of his left eye. His eyes widened when he examined me from a distance. He inched closer and looked down on me. Everyone was silent.

"Who the FUCK is this?"

"Liam Merlin, sir:" Michelle folded her hands.

"This isn't Liam."

My stomach dropped.

"Sir, I can assure you-."

"Assure nothing! This ain't him! Where the fuck did you get this kid?"


"Don't you 'sir' me!" He hit her across the face, knocking her to the floor.

"Where the hell did you get him?"

"He matched the description." She clasped her red cheek.

"The age range, height, build. We saw him leave the Merlin house.. We assumed.."

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