Chapter 36

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<>Liam's POV<>

We waited by the assigned dock lot Clarke told us to go to. I was loaded with weapons. I was prepared to destroy all of our enemies.

There was construction around the docks. We hid behind some of the equipment. It was colder by the river.

We hid in our assigned spots. Nova hid on the other side of the storage building behind the stack of tires. I hid behind a crane. Wagner took position on the other side of the building. Clarke ducked behind a bobcat with Will closely behind him. Can't believe how Will followed Clarke around like a puppy. I was still skeptical about trusting him.

A car pulled up. It was three men we didn't recognize. Another car pulled up ten minutes later. This was it. I listened carefully. The view wasn't the best hiding behind a giant piece of machinery.

Another car pulled up from the opposite direction. King and two other men got out.

"You're late." The delivery man with a scar said.

"Had some business to tend to. Do you got it?"

"Cash first." The scarred man crossed his arms.

"That's fucking cute. How about I just don't blast your head off for disrespecting?"

The man reluctantly agreed. He went to the back seat and opened the door. He reached inside and aggressively pulled out a girl.
My girl.

My heart dropped. It was Minga. Tied up. Bruised. Her mouth covered to silence her screams.

"You can have her. She's not worth much. Hard to find though. In the middle of Columbia." The scarred deliverer pushed her over to King. He held her by her upper arm, she dangled like an award winning prized fish. She appeared limp.

"You thought being deep in Columbia could escape you from me? Ha! Quite cute, isn't she?" He turned back to his henchmen that arrived with him.

"Yes, boss." He agreed.

"Wonder what I should do with her first. Use her to flush out the Merlin's or have a little fun with this fucking whore first."

Rage filled me. I wouldn't let him hurt her. He needed to get his fucking creepy hands off her.

Nova looked at me and shook her head. But she couldn't control me. My blood boiled. I began to open fire on the men.

"DON'T TOUCH HER." I began to shoot and ran out.

"God damn it!" Shouted Nova.

They shot back. King grasped Minga tightly and ducked behind their car. The rest did the same. We dodged their bullets behind the machinery and walls.

"Let's go." We all rushed out by the cars where we faced off. They stood up and pointe their guns. We were matched at five.

"My fucking son. Working with the fucking Merlin's. What a piece of shit you've grown up to be."

"Eat shit, dad." Spat Clarke.

"Don't call me dad you sick fuck!" He screamed.

I couldn't take my eyes off Minga. She looked drugged. Who knows what hell she went through before she arrived. This was my fight. She didn't deserve this.

"Look, let her fucking go. Then we can have this family feud. Just give me the girl."

"Oh, so she belongs to you? Liam Merlin." He pushed his gun against her skull.

"Let her go. Or I'll shoot!"

"If you shoot me, her brains will be spattered everywhere. Is that what you fucking want? Your girlfriend's head to be in pieces?"

My hands shook.

"LET HER GO!" I screamed.

"Make you a deal. You kill my bastard son, I'll let your girl go."

Will gasped.

"Liam, no. No! No! Don't do it!" He pleaded.

"Liam. Don't." Said Nova behind me.

"Don't do it! No!" Will begged.

Why did he care so much about fucking Clarke? He was the enemy. Will trusted too easily. I'd do anything for Minga. Anything.

I turned towards Clarke and pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang, and a bullet drove right into his chest. I heard him land to the ground. Will jumped down by him.

King laughed.

"Give me her."

"I don't think so." He smiled a greedy, evil, grin.

"I love you, Liam." Said Minga, already barley functioning.

"I lo-."


Her head exploded. Her body smacked against the ground before I could even get my words out.

"NO!" I cried and dove by her.

Nova and Wagner went off. Guns blasted. The world turned upside down. Her eyes were closed, blood and brains covered me. I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. She was gone. She was the light of my life. The one fucking happy thing in this shitty, cruel world.

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