Chapter 18

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"Drop it, hands up!" I slid it on the ground and put my hands on my head, flipping on my ear piece.

"Liam? What's going on?" She said in my ear. I didn't respond.


"Do you really think I would go anywhere alone? That's cute. Who are you? Why are you following me?"

"I'm the one who is going to kill you, and your father!"

"I know that voice... Strip him!" They tore off my sun glasses and wig. My blonde hair was now messy and visible. They patted me down and pulled knives from my legs.

"Liam Merlin. I thought they had you?"

"Guess they don't care enough to keep you posted."

Nova was listening in, she stayed quiet.

"I think it's time you say goodbye."

"To the Windy City? Alright. Goodbye, Chicago. Fuck you, Rossi."

He grunted.

"Kill him."

"But boss, aren't we supposed to take him to-."


A gun went off, hitting one of the men in the back of the shoulder from the street. The convenience of the destruction allowed me to grab his gun and drop.
I shot another's leg and tumbled.  He slammed down, still shooting at me. I ducked. Toni open fired.

"Get me out of here!" He threw his gun down when it was empty. My gun was out.

They blocked to get Toni out and faced their guns at me. Their main goal was to remove him safely.

"We know you're out here now, you and your sister better be prepared! You near me!" He threatened, darting down the street.

Nova helped me up.

"Thanks." I grunted off the ground and got up.

She remembered the phrase "Windy City." It's the same phrase my father would use if he was on the phone and held at gunpoint. If it was an emergency, that's what you'd say.

Quickly, we ran in the direction Toni had went. But he seemed to magically disappear. We searched up and down the entire streets, he had disappeared into thin air.

"Shit." She removed her red wig and wig cap.

In disappointment, we got a ride downtown, towards our home. We stopped when we could walk the distance.

Nova, still in heels, stammered down the sidewalk.

Our large home was more isolated from others, which was hard to come by in the big city. The height of the house towered the width.

"Don't your feet hurt?" We approached the sidewalk in front of our house. Downstairs light was on.

"Well sometimes I-."

"GET DOWN! GET DOWN!" Screaming, father ran down the front steps. We confusingly looked at him.


The pressure of the explosion flung us onto our backs. Debris from our house flew everywhere. The flames swallowed our home.

My arm pushed into the sidewalk, Nova and father appeared to be okay.

"Dad!" She leapt over to him, he was closer to the house than we were.

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