"Mexican food isn't always my favorite, but this is good." Liam said. We sat at Taco Bell. Liam smiled.

"There's a reporter behind me." I looked. Sure was. I looked at Liam. We began to laugh. 

"Your laugh could heal a sick person." Liam said. That made me laugh even more. I felt a feeling in my stomch.

"Morgan, are you ok?" Liam asked. He touched my hand. I didn't pull away.

"I'm fine." I said taking a bite of my taco. Liam shook his head. I smiled.

"So, tell me about Liam Payne." I said. He about died.

"The only thing you need to know is his favorite band's singer is sitting in front of me at Tac bell." He said. I pretended to look around. He laughed. 

"You're really gorgeous." Liam said. I blushed. The last one to say that and really mean it was an Ex-boyfriend. Right before he snapped my heart into a million pieces. 

"I'm sorry. That was really forward." He said slipping his hand from mine. I caught it.

"No. It was sweet. Thank you." I said. Liam smiled.

"You ready?" He asked. We threw our stuff away then walked out the door by the reporter. He took multiple pictures. Liam grabbed my hand. I smiled.



"So, how's Niall?" Liz asked as I got my hair done by Macie. 

"Good I guess..." I said. Liz rolled her eyes.

"You have a thing for him! Don't you?" Liz yelled. Macie laughed.

"Liz... we're just friends." I said. Liz sighed.

"He's sweet." Liz said. Macie giggled.

"He's like the band cutie! Liams attractive though too!" Macie said. Liz shiffted in her chair.

"Liam is who you wanted to be with right?" Liz asked. I rolled my eyes and looked at Liz.

"It's fake." I said. Liz sighed.

"You're not even thinking about dating Liam?" Liz asked. Macie went to the other side of my head. 

"Not at this moment." I said. Liz sat up straighter.

"You're mom would like Liam." She said. The whole room froze. My eyes bounced from Liz to the wall.

"My mom would most likely love Liam." I said. Macie laughed and continued to do my hair. Liz smiled.

"You were very open about that." Liz said. I looked at her.

"Have Dan call my dad."

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