I woke up to find my bed, and the room empty. I looked around. First actuall day! Gotta look nice. I put on a blank back tee. I put on some patterned red, back and white leggings. I put my hair in a high messy but with a back bow in. My makeup was light. I walked int the kitchen area. Curly was cooking.

"Morning Curly!" I said hip bumping him. He smiled.

"Wanna help?" He asked. I laughed.

"I burn water!" I said. Getting in the fridge and pulling out a coke. Curly laughed.

"Harry." He said sticking out his hand. I shook it.

"Morgan." I said smiling.

"Have a nice night?" He asked flipping his pancakes.

"I did thanks for asking!" I said. He was sweet. He grinned.

"Is Liam a good cuddler?" Harry asked. I grinned.

"Just ask him. He's willing to cuddle." I said shutting the fridge leaning on it. Harry smiled.

"You're funny!" He said flipping the pancake with a spatula. 

"You're not too bad yourself curly." I said. He kept flipping his pancaakes.

"So, who are you going to choose?" He asked. I froze. I haden't even thought of it.

"Oh no! I haven't! What am I going to do?" I asked. Harry stopped flipping his pancakes and looked at me.

"It'll be fine. It's fake." He said. I smiled.

"Ok. Fake." I said. I took my drink into the livingroom. I sat on the couch. I had to choose. Not Zayn, or Curly's twin. I didn't know them. Curly? Liam? Niall? Who? Just then the door opened. Liam waled in followed by Zayn.

"Hey, are you okay?" He said putting his drink on the coffee table. He sat by me.

"Morgan. Hey." He said turning my face to look at him.

"Everything is ok. Breathe." I haden't relized I wasn't. I let out a lot of air and Liam smiled.

"Feel better?" He asked. I smiled.

"I don't know what to do!" I said leaning my head on Liam. Liz opened the door and came in. 

"Morning sunshine! Brought you a cinnamon roll." She said setting it down by Liams drink.

"Morning." I said. Not moving from Liam.

"Can I talk to you?" She asked. I stood and followed her into my room.

"I know you don't want to choose, but I don't want you being set up with someone you don't like." Liz said.

"It's fake." I said. She rolled her eyes.

"But you will spend alot of time with them." Liz said. I frowned.

"I can't choose." I said. Liz frowned.

" Okay. Jerold and Simon will have to choose." She said. I nodded. I followed her back into the living area. Liam haden't moved. I wen right back to where I was.

"Can we share that?" Liam asked pointing at my cinnamon roll. I smiled.

"Enjoy it! I made it!" Liz said before leaving our bus. Liam looled me in the eyes.

"Who'd you chose?" He asked. I took his hand in mine.

"I didn't."

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