The next day:

I walked into the kitchen. Destiny was away eating a bagel on the island. She smiled when she saw me.

"I made you a bagel." She said. I grabbed my plate with a bagel and chream cheese on it. I sat acrossed from her. We were both in aour pajama's. She wore a bright yellow sleep wear dress. I was in athletic shorts and a t-shirt. We ate in silence. 

"So what's the plans for tody?" She asked. I looked up and smiled. I had kept this as a surprise for her.

"You know Kimerly Hall?" I asked. Destiny nodded. Kimberly was a younger girl that was sighned to my record company.

"Her 21 birthday is tonight. We were invited." I said. Destiny nearly spit out her bagel.

"Seriously! Does mom and dad know?" She asked. I grinned.

"If you're gonna come live with me, you need to live a little." I said. She nearly screamed.

"Thank you so much! What am I gonna wear!?"She asked getting excited.

"Let's go shopping. I'll buy." I said. We cleaned up our breakfest then went to get ready. 







Thirty minutes later:

I walked into the livingroom. Destiny sat on the couch. I smiled She was always done before me. She wore a sweat shirt that had Bart Simpson all over it. She wore some light colored jeans. She had on some ankle boots. Her hair was lightly curled. She looked beautiful. I wore a grey long sleeved shirt that hung loose. I wore some jean shorts where you could see my pockets sticking out. I wore my gray tennis shoes. I had my black shoulder bag. I put my bag on the island and grabbed my phone off the charger. I had a charger in every room.

"Hey want me to those boys to get out of your pool?" Destiny asked. That got my attention. This pool was only avalible to me. I walked to the glass door. There were four teen boys splashing in the pool. I opened the door. One of the boys was making out with a girl in the hot tub. I stepped outside.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I asked. They all looked at me. The only way out was passed me. They started to climb out and dress quickly.

"What are you doing up here!?" I asked. One boy looked at me. He had blonde curly hair. He half smiled.

"The pool down stairs was crowded. We just wanted to swim."He explained.

"Do you want me to call security?" Destiny asked from behind me.I crossed my arms. The girl came running to me.

"No! Please! Morgan it's me Maxine! The plastic surgeons daughter!" The girl said. She had a bad cheek surgery.

"Please!" She pleaded. I looked at Destiny. She rolled her eyes.

"Here's the deal. You will leave my penthouse. I want you all downstairs sighning up to work at the receptionist desk. I will go down and ask to see your application, because I can do that. You will work there until I fire you. Kay?" I said. They all looked shocked.

"Get out. Use the stairs." I said. They ran like mice. They left. I closed my outside door. I walked back to the kitchen. Destiny behind me.

"Freaks." She said. I smiled.

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