"Now ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome Pink Pages!"

The tension of walking on stage, hoping you don't screw up. Walking to the middle of the stage hearing the screams. The lights on your face. The excited faces. I grabbed the microphone and walked forward. Screams got louder.

"Are you ready to be blown away!?" I yelled. Millions of screams came my way. I smiled.

"So is everyone wearing their pink!" I yelled. Pink was my signature color. Sob story about it later! My fans were waiting for me!

"So tonight I want everyone with a name that starts with a M to get....drum roll please!" I said turning to my drummer Ed. He did the little drum roll thing. I have always thought it was cool. I turned to the audience.

"Nothing!" I yelled. The audience started dying with laughter.

"Pinkies, get ready to rock!" I yelled walking by mu guitarist Will.

"Keeping hold of something strong

Giving up all wrong

Saying bye tonight

then waiting for the crush to hit you later

The Crush is loud and hurts

No one can stand the noise

say good bye"

"Face the love tonight!

Get your crush on

keep the noise low, and secret

Cause tonight is crush night!"

"Give up on walking

be carried

be fun

live for the time

cause i'm not done with my crush!"

"Face the love tonight!

Get your crush on

keep the noise low and secret

cause tonight is

cause tonight is


cause tonight is crush

cause tonight is crush


I smiled at the screaming fans.

*Backstage after concert*

"Tomorrow is a big day hun! Meeting with Jeold, then an Interview!" Dan said as I walked over and grabbed a water bottle. The door opened and in came Liz. (Dan's Wife)

"You did amazing!" She said coming over and hugging her. I took a drink of my water.

"Changed already?" She said sitting on the couch. I had already changed into my jeans and a bright green long shirt.

"Liz! I have been through a lot today! Getting ready or this concert!" I said sitting in my rotating chair.

"Even bigger day tomorrow. A meeting with Jerold!" Dan said sitting in the sitting chair. (Haha!)

"I know Dan!" I said leaning back.

"Dan you are wearing her out!" Liz said smiling.

"Well we are not done today! We stil have to get through crowds to get to the limo then even more fans to your hotel." Dan said looking at his watch. We were always busy.

"So whens my next day off?" I asked. Knowing the answer already.

"When you earn it." Dan said. Liz mimicked him. I laughed.

"Limo's here." Dan said grabbing his 'gear bag' it was actually a purse. But I can't call it that. Liz grabbed her purse and her duffel bag. I grabbed my bright pink duffel bag. We walked over to my body guards. Steven and Dawson. We walked out the door to a group of screaming excited fans.

"Morgan! I love you!"

"I am the biggest Pinkie ever!"

"M! Will you sign my forehead!"

"I bought tickets to your next concert see you there!"

"Look how close I am to Morgan!"

I saw cameras every where. Reporters, teen girls, teen boys, parents. Everyone. I stuck out my hands and received several high fives. One of the gates fell and they rushed us to our Limo. I crawled in and laid on the leather seats.

"Morgan! Lets talk about tomorrow." Dan said. Forcing me to sit up. I groaned.

"I will say hi, he will ignore my greeting, then later be offended that I never said hi." I said sitting back. Dan frowned.

"Don't be a Diva!" he exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. I leaned my head on the window. I closed my eyes.

"Dan she is tired. She just needs sleep." Liz said.

After a while we came to a stop. I could hear the thousands of screams. I put on my smile and stepped out of the Limo. Liz and Dan right behind. Body guards on both sides. I smiled and waved to my fans, but when we got in the lobby, my smile vanished, and I became very tired again. Our ride up the elevator was silent. When we got to our floor I was happy. I raced for my room. Once I opened the door I launched into changing. Blue tank top, with green shorts. Hair in a high pony tail. I jumped in bed and covered up.  I was exhausted.

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