Niall and I were sitting on my bed waiting for skype to load.Our door opened and Harry and Piper came running in. Harry was grinning. 

"Louis and Montana were snogging on Louis' bed!" Harry shouted. I giggled. Harry smiled.

"You think that's funny huh Liam doer." Harry said. I stopped laughing. Piper ran and layed on top of me to see the computer. I haden't noticed it had loaded and Trenton had heard all of that.

"Is that Trenton? You are right he is sexy! Hey sexy!" She yelled. Trenton smiled.

"The sexy one is on that side of the screen." Trenton said winking.

"Trenton this is Piper and Niall."I said. Harry jumped in the picture.

"Tell him ,y name." He said. I rolled my eyes. Piper giggled.

"This is Harry." I said. He waved and smiled.

"Did you know Morgan gets paid to sleep with guys!" Harry yelled. Piper punched him in the stomch. I blushed.

"It's okay. I slept with her first." Trenton answered back. I smiled. 

"OOOOOOO he got you good!" Niall said. We laughed. Trenton shook his head.

"How long until I get to see my best friend for real?" He asked. I blushed.

"Just a bit longer." I said. Piper pinched my butt.

"Mother of Pearls!" I yelled. She grinned.

"Do we need to room you and Morgie together that way whoever shares with her won't have to deal with you." Piper asked. He smiled.

"How is it I just barely met you and you already know my ideas." He said. I blushed even harder. Harry kissed my cheek.

"Trenton, you make her blush!" Harry exclaimed. Trenton laughed. It haden't changed. I missed it.

"I thought this was gonna be a skype date. I'm wasn't told there were guys here too. I would have worn pants." Trenton joked. Harry smiled.

"I swing any way." Harry said seductivly. It sent chills down my back. Piper was lucky.

"I can't wait to actually hang out with you guys." Trenton said. A head popped into the picture.

"Jonathan!" I yelled. Niall covered his ears. Jonathan got into the camera.

"Morgan! Are you stuck?" He yelled joking. I laughed.

"What's going on girl?" He asked. I just noticed his shirt was off.

"Just looking at something sexy." I said. He smiled and nodded. Jonathan was a year older than Trenton. He was sexy. He was in the army. He was built. He was like an older brother.

"I would love just to touch your face!" Jonathan joked. Trenton laughed. So did everyone on this side.

"So I have to ask. I know it's going to be embarassing. Who's your boyufriend?" Jonathan asked. I bushed.

"Single! Guys suck balls! They have no feelings." I said. Niall smiled. Harry was looking at the door. Trenton and Jonathan laughed. 

"Not all guys." Trenton tried. I shoojk my head. So did Jonathan.

"Yes we are. Blondie knows. And curly looks like he is confused." Jonathan asked. Niall laughed into his arm. Harry looked backa t Jonathan and smiled.

"I bet Montie and Louis are still making out!" Harry said jumping up. Piper shook his head.

"I'm gonna follow. Make sure he doesn't get killed." She followed Harry out the door. Jonathan had left the image.

"I'm gonna het a candy bar. Be right back." Niall said walking away. I smiled at Trenton.

"My friends are kind of.." I trailed off.

"I miss you. Every part of you." Trenton said. I smiled.

"I miss you too." I said. He shook his head.

"Niall seems kind of protective. He have a thing for you?" He asked. I blushed.

"Niall? No! We're just really good friends." I said, Trenton laughed. 

"It's akward, but I miss our Friends with Benifits days. I wish you were still here." He said. I laughed. He grinned.

"I wore your shirt the other day." I said. 

"How long did it stay on?" He asked. I chuckled.

"Not very long. I had to take it off for something." I said. Trenton licked his lips. I laughed. 

"I want those pink lips." He said. I just shrugged.

"I miss you too." I said.

"Trenton! I need help! Come down here!" Jonathan yelled. He frowned.

"I gotta go." He said.

"Love ya!" I yelled. He grinned then disconeccted. I closed the laptop then rolled on my back. 

"Love ya!" Someone yelled. I looked up and saw Niall smirking in the door way. i laughed. 

"I do! You too." I said. He came and layed by me. We looked up at the celing.

"I'm glad you trust me. He whispered. I smiled. Me too.





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