Montie's POV:

I walked back into my room to see Morgan had left. I bet she went to Liam's room. I walked out. I started to walk to Liam's room. A girl with shoulder lenght hair walked out. She had on skinny jeans and a pink top. Her hair was straight. She had no shoes on. She had a cell phone and a paper in here hand. She quietly closed the door. She started making her way my way. Then she saw me. We both stood frozen.

"What.Are.You.Doing." I asked sternly. She turned to see in an exit was close to her. I was behind me. 

"I asked you a question." I said. You could see her hazel eyes from where I was standin two doors away.

"I.....I'm.....Tiffany."She stuttered. I was scrony, but I could still take a bitch down. 

"Nice to meet you. Now explain. Why the hell are you leaving Liam Payne's room?"I asked. She shivered. In fear.

"I..."She was stuck. I stepped forward.

"Ask Liam! I was in there to help him plan a romantic date for his girlfriend!" She said. She looked scared.

"Where are your shoes?" I asked. She looked at her feet.

"I left them in there. Look Morgan isn't supposed to know I am meeting with Liam."She said. Seemed liegit.

"Ok. I'm sorry I was so rude." I said. She shrugged. She slid past me and walked through the exits. I should it make it a job getting confessions out of people. I turned around and walked back to my room. All is good.





Niall's POV:

After I dropped Morgan by her room I went and got a drink. I had just returned to my rom to see Zayn grinning.

"What?" I asked setting my drink on the table. Zayn just shook his head.

"I was looking through Li's phone earlier, and he has a mystery woman." Zayn said. My mouth fell open. Zayn jumped up and grabbed papers that had been printed. Text messages. 

"Her name is Tiffany. In text number 23 she has him call her Mystie." Zayn said. I looked. Sure enough.

"Does Morgan know?" I asked. Zayn shook his head.

"We have a concert in two days. We don't wanna mess with her." Zayn said pulling out his phone. Most of the text were about what he wanted to do to her.

"I printed out text messages between him and Morgan. Nothing like these." He said pointing to some papers beside him. I grabbed them. It was all where they were gonna eat. There was some sappy good-night ones. But the next day she texted him at 10. He didn't text back till 6 explaining he had gotten busy rehearsing. She fell for it. He had texted, no sexted with Tiffany at 11 that day then at 2 told her to come over. That was sick.

"Why would he do this to little Morgan?" I asked. Zayn grinned.

"Morgan is irresistable. He want's to be open too. He knows abot Trenton. Her past lover. Louis told him. I guess he thought it was okay since she planned on doing it." Zayn said. A noise exscaped me that made Zayn look at me crooked.

"I need to go outside." I said leaving my room. I walked straight to Louis and Harry's room. I knocked. Harry opened. I walked right past Harry and straight up to Louis. I grabbed his shirt. I was pissed.

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