"Morgan. Someone is here for you." Liz said. I rolled over. She smiled with Joushua right beside her. He jumped on my bed. He was giggling. 

"I missed you!" He yelled. I laughed. 

"Same here buddy." I said. He was smileing. I got up and put on some sweats. We went to the livingroom area. Destiny sat on the couch watching the TV.

"Hey Dest." I said. She looked and smiled.

"What happened to your tour bus?" She asked. I shook my head.

"I am on tour with other people." I said. She grinned.

"One Direction!" She yelled. I laughed.

"Of Corse." I said. She jumped up.

"Mom said I had to wait till you were up, but will yu show me where Liam sleeps?" She asked. I laughed. She crossed her arms.

"I'm serious." She said. I took her to my room and pointed to Liam's bed. She squeeled.

"You're not gonna die." I said. She reached in her over the shoulder- purse and pulled out a magazine. She flipped to a page.

"Is it true you and Liam have a thing?" She asked. I laughed.

"Supposivly." I said. She showed me the magazine with pictures ov Liam and I eating at Taco Bell, and Laughing.

"It's cute, but keep your hands to yourself." She said. I handed her the magazine. We walked to the living area. Niall stood facing Joushua in the same stance with their arms crossed.

"It's little. What is it?" Niall asked. I laughed. 

"Niall this is Joushua, my younger brother." I said. Niall uncrossed his arms and looked at me. He was serious.

"Oh." He said. I smiled.

"This is Destiny." I said. She did a curtsy thing. Niall didn't peel his eyes off of me. He nodded.

"Is he?" Niall asked not wanting to ask infront of the other two. 

"Yes." I said while nodding. I understood. My dad was here. Only for them to say hey, then take them on vacation somewhere.

"Guess where we're going for vacation!" Destiny said breaking Niall and I's eyes.

"Where?" I asked. She plopped on the couch.

"California. Beaches!" Destiny said. I half smiled.

"Cool guys." I said turning to the fridge. We took vacations when mom was alive. When mom died, my days weren't spent on beaches. I had to earn vacations again. He didn't have to work that hard.

"Daddy said we are gonna go to Disneyland!" Josh said. Destiny nodded. I pulled out two Dr. Pepper's and A coke. I gave them the Dr. Peppers. They opened them with ease.

"Where's Brooke and Dad?" I asked. Destiny pulled out a smart phone. 

"Talking to Dan and Liz in the big building." She said. I looked at Niall. 

"Wanna go over there?"



Niall, Destiny, Josh and I walked into the big buildig I would preform in tomorrow. The other boys were sitting on the stage. Their legs hanging over. Dan was talking to Paul and the guys. Liz stood talking to two people.

"Morg! Come up here!" Harry said standing. I smiled.

"Niall! Race you to-...." He was already half way there. I took off. Reaching the stage about the same time he did. Josh ran into my back.

"Sorry Morgie." He said. I laughed. I put him on the stage then pulled myself up. 

"Morg! Lets dance!" Harry yelled. I ran to Harry we started to Wlatz. Terribly. Niall and Louis paired up and started to dance. Still badly. Niall fell and everyone started to laugh. Josh the hardest. 

"Morgan!" Niall yelled from the ground.We all crowded around him.

"Dog Pile!" Louis yelled jumping on Niall. Then Zayn. I jumped on next. Then Harry then Liam. We laughed.

"Someone is touching my butt!" Louis yelled.

"Sorry!" Harry yelled again. We all toppled off. Niall sat up breathing heavey.

"Thought I was gonna die." He said. We all sat spread out on the stage.

"Morgan!" Someone from off stage yelled. I looked up. Brooke had her arms open. I stood and slowly walked to the edge. I jumped off. I hugged Brooke.

"Oh! Baby you're so big!" She said. I stood akwrdly.

"Thanks Brooke." I said. She let go. She had a huge smile.

"I missed you." She said squeezing my hands. She moved and I faced my dad.

"Hey Morgan." He said. No even a little nick-name.

"Hey." I said waving then turning back to the stage. I jumped on. Niall frowned at me.

"Okay I need Morgan for costuming!" Macie said with Ali a few feet behind. I followed them to my dressingroom.

"You need to at least pretend to be happy to see him." Liz said following us in. I frowned. Niall stepped in. Liz followe Macie and Ali out the door to the costume department. Once the door closed I exploded.

"What if I wanted to go to Disneyland? What if I wanted to go to Paris and take a picture with my dad infront of the Effile Tower!" I yelled. Niall ran to me and wrapped me in a hug.

"It's okay." He whispered. 

"No. It isn't. My dad literally dropped me. Left me for a new family." I said. Niall whiped away my tears. 

"He's here isn't he?" He asked. I grinned.

"Brooke probably made him." I said. Niall shook his head. 

"You can leave me to cry." I said looking at my hideous face in the mirror. Niall stood.

"No. I am going to get something. Curl up on your couch and wait." He said not letting me argue. He walked out of the dressingroom leaving me alone. I did as told and walked to the couch. I curled up by the arm. My heart had always been breaking. I think I need a new one...





Hey guys! I am looking for a new character! Name age hair color height and attitude. (Personality :)

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