I wonder what life would be like if I didn't leave that summer. Would I be sitting on the couch, or making my dad food. When moy mom died he went to drinking. I spent the summer at Dan and Liz's, he spent his summer in rehab. That's where he met Brooke. She was a counsler there. Now she's a counciler at Destiny's middle school. My dad being the guy he never was for my mom and I, is a History teacher now. I sat looking through my cell phone. The last call I had from my dad was a couple weeks ago, apologizing that he didn't get to say good bye. I was practicing and they were ready to leave. He didn't want to interuppt. No one would have cared. 

"Knock Knock! I come bringing nutella!" Niall yelled through the door. I put my phone on the bedside table. I got up and opened the door. Niall stood standing. Lousi stood behind him.

"Hey come on in." I say as they pass me coming into my room. Louis puts the two liter of coke and the big bag of doritos on the table. Niall pulls out two jars of nutella and some pretzles.

"Where's everyone else?" Louis asked. I shrugged. 

"Let's split up. I'll get Harry and Piper. Niall get Zayn and Montie. Morg get Liam." Louis said walking out. Niall looked at me. I was just gonna tell him everyone was ready. I walked to the end of the hall and knocked on Liams door. He opened it and smiled at me.

"I need to talk to you." He said gestering me inside. I walked in and turned around. He smiled.

"I was in a bad mood with Zayn the other day. I know you came in here to makeout the other day and I was prick." He said. I just stood there confused.

"We have food in my room. It's movie night." I said starting to walk past him. Then stopped. Damn my horniness. I turned and crashed my lips to his. His tounge moved around mine. He leaned me against the wall. I hit it with a thud. Our lips were battleing. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. He removed my shirt. He kissed down my neck.

"Where's your sweet spot?" He asked. I smiled. He'd have to figure that out by himself. He got down to right above my right hip. I leat out a moan. He started to suck on my skin.

"Liam! Oh! Gosh!" I said. He grinned. 

"I think I found it." He playfully said. We rolled over where I was on top. I took off his shirt. I rubbed up against him. He moaned. His friend wanted to join the party. I ran my hands over his muscles. His hands were on my butt. I kissed his neck. I trailed down to the middle of his stomach. He moaned. I started to kiss it and suck on it. His moans were attractive. I ran my hand over his area. His back arched up. I started to unzip and umbutton his pants. Once I got them off his friend was sticking through his boxers. I ran my hand over it. He moaned.

"I need a...." He traied off through his panting. I started to play with it. I grinned. 

"Stop teasing." He said. I sat on top of it with my underwear still in. He flipped us over. He was on top. He grinned.

"My turn." He said. He slipped off my underwear. He got on the end of the bed. 

"Liam. I think I love you."







We started dressing. My hair was a big mess. I threw it in a high bun. I stood in my shorts and bra. I couldn't fin my shirt. Liam came behind me and rubbed against me. I grinned. 

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