"Hey. Loser." Destiny said walking in sitting on the couch. I was reading a magazine. 

"Guess who made the cover of Buzz magazine." I said. Destiny raised her eyebrow. It was a picture of me hugging Kimberly and Destiny smileing. 

"What!" She said taking the magazine from me. I smiled. 

"I can't believe it!"She yelled. She jumped around the livingroom grinning ear to ear.

"All my friends will see this!" She said. I truthfully thought she couldn't smile bigger. She was giggling.

"Randy'll see it." I said. She froze.

"He can't. He'll know I went to a party." She said. I raised an eyebrow.

"I had a make-out session with Kale!"She yelled. I stood with eyes wide.

"Welcome to Hollywood. Your business is everyone elses business." I said. She looked at the magazine.

"He doesn't have to know that you made-out with Kale." I said walking to the kitchen. She sat at the island. 

"Are we going to that pool party later?" She asked putting her head in herhands.

"I kind of want to that way I can see...." I trailed off. I wanted to see all of them. Niall, Harry,Montie,Louis,Zayn,Piper, even Liam. 

"Ok. Let's go pick out our bathingsuits!" She said perking up. We ran to our rooms trying to decide which bathing suit matched.








I walked into the living room with my bathing suit on. Destiny sat on the couch. When she saw me she smiled and stood. 

"Turn!" I said. I started packing my beach bag.  She turned. She wore a lepord print top that tied around her neck and behind her ches. She had on some light colored jean shorts. You could see her lepord bottoms. Her hair was in a cute messy bun. She had on sandles with beads by the toes. I smile. 

"Cute!" I said turning back to my bag.

"Turn!" She yelled. I sighed. I walked a bit from the island and did a little turn. I wore a white bathing suit top with white lace hanging over it. My bottoms had lace over them as well. I wore a dark high waisted shorts. I had on my white flip flops. My hair fell in its natural waves.

"I never could see why Liam did that to you, or why Niall even left." Destiny said. I returned to my bag. I knew why.

"Their carreers are important." I said. She nodded. She brought over a bottle of sun screen and put it in the bag. She put her hands over my shoulders in a half hug. I smiled.

"Let's go! Can't take all day Grandma!" She said walking to the elevator. I smiled and followed. We got in and all she could talk about was how excited she was. When we got to the lobby I looked at the receptionist desk. I walked up.

"Mail please!" I said. Maxine shot me a death glare. She walked to the back. Destiny chuckled.

"Step out of line and you're next." I said. That made Destiny laugh harder. Maxine came back and threw my mail on the counter infront mof me and picked up her phone.

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