"Just shut up!" Destiny yelled at Josh. He was making car sounds while she cooed over a magazine. Niall and I stood in the doorway.

"Are you ok?" He asked. I looked at him and frowned.

"I think i am just tired. I am gonna walk to Starbucks." I said grabbing my coat. He caught my arm.

"Alone?" He asked. I shrugged. I walked out of the bus. I started to walk. Starbucks was just around the corner. When I go there it looked peaceful and soothing. I walked in and ordered a carmel latte. I sat in a booth in the back. The place began to pack with hipsters and more teen girls. Soon all the tabled were filled. A girl walked in and looked around. She had a laptop with her. I smiled at her. She slowly walked over.

"Hi. Do you mind if I sit with you. I just need to work on somerthing." She said. 

"Sure. Sit. I'm Morgan." I said. She smiled.

"Montana." She said sticking out her hand. I shook it. She had long red hair. She had some head phones around her neck. 

"Music nerd?" I asked. She looked hurt.

"Don't worry. Me too." I said she smiled.

"I play the drums. I teach dance too." She said. I smiled.

"I sing, and kind of take dance." I said. She laughed. 

"I like you." She said.

"Glad to here that." I said. Its been so long since I had a conversation with a real person. Her computer said Montana Faith Newfield.

"Newfield as in Chandler Newfield?" I asked. She blushed.

"That's my big brother." She said. I smiled 

"I know him." I said. She looked at me confused.

"I am Morgan Pierce. I sat next to him at the Emmy Awards." I said. She smiled.

"You are. How did I not see it?" She asked. She wasn't freaking out.

"If you know anyone looking for a drummer..." She said. I grinned. The thing was my drummer was 25 years old married. His wife is three weeks away from having thir second child. He said he will be leaving. It was his last week.

"I do." I said. She froze.

"Seriously?" She asked. I nodded. She nearly jumped.

"Thank you!" She said causing the old couple beside us looked at us. I smiled at them.




Montana and I walked onto the tour bus. Destiny and Josh weren't on the bus anymore. Louis sat on the couch.

"Hey Louis." I said. He turned and smiled. His eyes stopped on Montana. His eyes lit up.

"Louis. This is Montana. Now put your tonge back in your mouth." I said making Montana giggle. She blushed. I grabbed her hand. I dragged her to my room and shut the door. She sat on my bed. 

"I always thought Louis was cute." She said. I shook my head.

"I am a bit hungry." She said looking at me. I frowned.

"Already huh?" I asked. She laughed. I turned around quickly and nearly fell over. The wall was closer than I imagianed. Montana was rolling in laughter. She was clenching her stomatch. I stood. She laughed even harder. I walked out of the room with her still laughing, but following. Niall and Harry had joined Louis in the living-area. Harry sat on Niall's lap. Montana who still haden't quit laughing saw this and literally fell to the ground laughing so hard. Harry had a curler in. Niall had Gay written on his forehead. She looked as if she was crying. Louis was toppled over in laughter too. It took so much to stay standing. 

"Why is everyone laughing at me?" Niall asked. Harry shrugged. Montana laughed. Her ribs were visable by the way she held her shirt while rolling on the ground in laughter. I held onto the counter. The radio that was on started playing Locked out of Heaven. Harry stood and startyed to air grind. Montana stood but still had tears in her eyes. He locked eye contact with me. I couldn't bring myself to look away. He smiled. It was akaward. He grabbed my hands. We started to dance. 

"You make lik! I've been locked out of Heaven!" Harry yelled. Montana was dancing crazily with Louis. Harry made a cross eyed look at Louis. I laughed. Harry did a dip thing. It felt like he was gonna drop me. I giggled. Niall sat on the couch quietly. The door opened and Harry droped one of his hands. I stood. I saw Liz. She stood smileing. Liam and Zayn stood behind her.

"Hungry?" She asked. Harry let go of my waist he was holding. He licked his lips.

"Yep!" He said. Liz rolled her eys. The boys ran off to get dressed.

"Liz this is Montana. She's gonna take Mikies place when he leaves." I said. Liz raised an eyebrow.

"Does Dan know that?" She asked. I smiled.

"I should get to choose." I said. Liz smiled.

"Nice to meet you Montana. Will you be joining us for dinner?" Liz asked. Montana smiled and nodded. Liz smiled too. 


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