*one month later*

"When we get out of the car go straight to the tour bus. We will shortly be behind you." Dan said taking Liz's hand. I looked out the window. It was an early start. I am just happy Dan and I are in two sepperate cars. I have a bus away from the guys too! Thats what I thought before we turned into the gates.

"Where is my bus?" I said sitting up.

"Jerold designed a bus for you lot to share." Dan said positioning himself to open the door. He opened the door and climbed out. Liz behind him and then me. They went straight into the metal building, I had to go right on the bus. I looked around. It had a nice living area, kitchen was big for a tour bus. We were sepperated from the driver. That was new. I headed to the back. There were three different compartment areas. The one on the far left had three bed with bags on each one. The rooom on the far left had three beds with bags on them too. Jerold probably made a sleeping arangement for the guys to make me feel better. I would feel fine if they all slept on the couch! The room in the middle had a piano, guitar with guitar stand, drums, and a little recording area. It was cool until I understood what it was for. He wanted us to make a song togather. Noooo Way! Not doing that! I quickly turned and walked into the room on the far left. I walked over to my bags on the bed that had a pillow with my name on it. Liz always made sure I had my special pillow. I had the bed in the far corner closest to the window farthest from the door. I started to unpack my stuff and put it in the dresser under the window. There was only two dressers in the room. One for me, one for the other two I had to share a room with. I started to put my picture frames, jewlery bow, and camera on the dresser. I hung up my pink pages poster right above the head of my bed. I made my bed. Light blue sheets, neon pink comferter. Pink and white zebra pillow case, then my neon green pillow with my name written in red. I put my large suit case under my bed. I soon opened the door from infront of the middle bed to see the closet sepperated into two parts. I took the left.(Closer to my bed.) I put my large collection of shoes at the bottom.  I grabbed my make up bag, and bathroom suppy bag and set off for the bathroom. It was to the right on a sepperate wall. When I opened the door I took a step back. It had whited floor tileing, baby blue wall tileing. The tub was huge with a curtain around it. (Have to use that soon) Th toilet was like a huge bathroom stall. Had a case of toilet paper. The sink was on the oppisite wall of the tub. It had a long counter with two sinks. The mirror was as long as the counter. It had sections where it could open and close. I set my stuff on the counter closest to the door.I went back to the roomI was staying in, to finish my unpacking. I pulled out my laptop and set that on my bed. My phone and charger right beside it. I had two things left to do. I set up my long mirror righ beside the dresser and window. I pulled out a tiny baby pink blanket. I folded it and set it on the end of my bed.

"Looks nice." I turned and saw Liam standing at the door smiling. I smiled back.

"Have to be decorated!" I said smiling. He chuckled and moved to the bed in the middle.

"Looks like you are gonna have to live with pink for a while!" I said sitting on my bed watching him start unpack.

"I can live with pink! I love pink! I think I even brought my pink boxers." He said digging around in his bag. He pulled out a pair of pink boxers.

"I don't lie." He said folding them and putting them in the dresser. 

"Pink fan, huh? You wouldn't by chance like pink pages would you?" I asked with a flitatious eyebrow raise. He smiled.

"You are a good guesser. My turn. Um... You don't hae a boyfriend." He said sitting down in front of me on his bed. 

"You are a good guesser too! But don't hold onto that." I said standing and walking out to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and looked around for something to drink. 

"Someone beat me to the fridge it looks like." I jumped a little and hit my head on the top of the fridge. I pulled myself out of the fridge holding my head. 

"Are you okay?" It was the blonde with the attractive speaking ways. I smiled.

"All better." I shut the fridge and got my water bottle off the counter and filled it with water. The blonde was still smiling at me. I turned and faced him.

"Hi, I'm Morgan." I said sticking out my hand. He took it. It sent shiveres up my spine. 

"I'm Niall."  

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