I looked in the mirror.

"It's time to get to leave for the concert." Niall said. He stood behind me. I had covered my stained cheeks. My posture would tell Liam how pissed i was, not how sad I was. I wore regular shorts with a lime green shirt. My hair was in a side ponytail. I had on my white snow boots. I had my white purse. Niall put his chin on my shoulder. I half smiled.

"It's the last day." Niall whispered. We turned and walked tot he door. People were flooding in the lobby and outside. We walked quick. Millions of fans. We walked to the limos. Niall helped me in my bads and I's. After I was in her turned and got into his limo. I looked at Montie. She was talking with Kyle my keyboard player.

"Morgan! Guess who's probably in Cali!" Morgan said snapping everyones attention to her. I raised an eyebrow.





We pulled up to where we are gonna preform. We made it inside. Montie and I walked to my dressingroom. Piper was looking at a big album with. She looked up.

"Hey! How are you?" She asked. She pulled me into a hug. Montie joined in.

"Didn't relise I needed to wear my hugging perfume." We turned and saw Macie. Ali stood behind her. I smiled.

"That's wierd." I said walking to my chair infront of the vanity. Macie put her hands on my shoulders. I smiled.

"You okay? Need anything?" Macie asked. I shook my head.

"Nah. Thanks though." I said. Everyone left leaving me and my reflection. I was not ashamed of what I saw. I was fine. With Liam Payne or without.






Before concert:

Fans were screaming. I smiled. Montie came behind me.

"ARE YOU READY!?" She yelled. I smiled.

"YEAH! LETS GET THIS OVER WITH!" I yelled back. The band walked on the stage. I shook out the jitters. Dan walked on stage. On the other side of the stage I saw Liam with a slutty blonde hanging over him. She hung on him like a scarf. She had her tounge down his throught. He looked around. His eyes met mine. He deeped their kiss.

"HERE SHE IS MORGAN PIERCE!" Dan yelled into the mic. I had mine in my hand. I walked on stage waving. I hugged Dan. He walked off the stage. I looked at all the screaming faces.

"HEY PINKIES! I HAVE SOME NEWS! SOME GUYS SUCK! TERRIBLY!" I yelled. I recieved thousands of screams.

"SO THIS SONG IS TO ALL THEM WHO THINK THEY CAN RUN PEOPLE OVER!" I yelled. My song started. I sang with the millions of fans.






I stood in the wing of the stage watching the boys. The finished with Best Song Ever. The boys waved and walked off. Niall and I grabbed our stools. We walked on stage. Someone brought Niall his guitar. We sat and smiled. 

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