We sat on the beach. My head was on Niall's shoulder. We were watching the sunset.

"Morgan, I missed you. I missed us." He said. I raised my head.

"Us?"I asked. Niall kind of blushed. I pecked his lips lightly then layed my head back down on his shoulder. Niall's phone started to viabrated. He pulled it out. I couldn't actually see who it was from or what it said. It was a text. Niall quickly put his phone back in his pocket. He tensed.

"Niall? What's up?" I asked. I raised my head from his shoulder again.

"Nothing. Just a tweet." Niall said quickly. I nudged him. 

"You can tell me."  I said. Niall shook his head.

"You won't be upset?" He asked. I raised my eyebrow in confusion. Why would I be upset about a tweet? Niall pulled out his phone. He opened this twitter. He clicked on his page. 


Look at these love birds! @MorganPierce_121 @NiallOfficial

There was a picture attached. I clicked on the link. It was a picture of Niall and I sitting on the beach with my head on his shoulder.It was cute. Why was he upset about this?

"Niall? Why did you think I'd be upset?" I aked. His shoulders slumped. He exited the app.

"I think it's fine." He said putting his phone back in his pocket. I pulled out my phone apened up twitter. There were alot of tweets coming to me. Many were nasty and rude. Nothing new, but it was for a diferent reason.

"Is Niall with that slut Morgan? God I hate her! She screwed you guys over two years ago remember?" I read a tweet out loud. Nill put his arm around my waist.

"Do you think I screwed you guys over during that tour?" I asked. Niall looked uncomfortable.

"Yes and no. You canceled the tour, but it was for a good reason." Niall said. He kissed my fore head. I stood and faced him. 

"Do you think I screwed you guys over?" I asked. He looked at the sand. God I was stupid.

"Why are all guys dicks?" I asked. Niall stood.

"Please. I didn't even get to answer." He said trying to grab my hand. I pulled it out of his reach.

"Don't. Just don't I wouldn't want to mess ythings up again." I said. Grabbed my shoes.

"Morgan! You are over exagerating!" Niall said. I turned my back to him. I sighed.

"I'm sorry Niall." I said. I walked to the pavilion. 

"Hey!" Destiny said. She sat by Trenton. She was eating a strawberry.

"It's time to go." I said. Her face fell.

"No! I'm not ready!" She said. I was tiered.

"Can Trenton take me home?"She asked. Trenton nodded.

"I'll be happy to drop her off." He said. I looked at Montana sitting by Chad.

"Ok. I am gonna say bye to Montie." I said. I walked over to Montana.

"I'm leaving." I said. She stood.

"No! We're gonna do the camp fire! You're gonna miss it!"Montie said. I shrugged.

"It's time for me to go." I said. We hugged. I turned and started to walk to the car. When I reached the handle I looked back and saw happiness. I think I sometimes ruin fun for people. I just need to leave. I got in my car. A tear slipped down my cheek.

"I'll never be happy." I layed my head on the steering wheel. My life was practically over.






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